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night riots

COVID-19 & the Entertainment Industry

WHAT IS COVID-19? We are not a science magazine, so of course you are not going to actually learn about the disease here, however, just to


[A Postcard from…] Paris – ISSUES, Oct 2019

  Issues have made a name for themselves over the past years, with their frontman being no other than Tyler Carter, whose popularity never stopped growing


Interview: CORY WELLS in Brussels (Nov. 2019)

At the end of last November, we caught up with Cory Wells on his first European tour, supporting Dashboard Confessional. If you don’t know about

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5 Singer-songwriters you need to know #3

A touching voice, a story to tell, that’s what most of the singers have in common. However, what makes them stand out individually, as songwriters

[Premiere] FRIENDS OF FOES — Lucky Penny

Shortly after sharing Bare Boned, their first single in a couple years, Canadian band Friends Of Foes are presenting today a new single, Lucky Penny. Spreading