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[A Postcard from…] Paris – ISSUES, Oct 2019

  Issues have made a name for themselves over the past years, with their frontman being no other than Tyler Carter, whose popularity never stopped growing

2019 in new records — First quarter

Having a hard time keeping track of all the releases coming out recently? Don't worry, we know the feeling. So, we gathered in this little thing a few albums we


Interview: Ben Lumber and Theo Sandberg — ACRES

Acres are one of those bands who have been around for a little while, without making a lot of noise around them. It's with delicacy

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5 Singer-songwriters you need to know #3

A touching voice, a story to tell, that’s what most of the singers have in common. However, what makes them stand out individually, as songwriters

[Premiere] FRIENDS OF FOES — Lucky Penny

Shortly after sharing Bare Boned, their first single in a couple years, Canadian band Friends Of Foes are presenting today a new single, Lucky Penny. Spreading