2014 In Review – 10 bands to know before the end of the year #2


Once again we are back with these infamous  end of the year series and this time, we would like to introduce to you some bands we individually discovered this year. They are also bands we do believe (hopefully) have bright days ahead of them and bands that you will probably hear from next year! Here is the second part of the series.



Moose Blood has been a revelation for us this year. While we discovered them live, we immediately got caught by the energy and the band’s commitment and fell head over heels for them. It was a powerful, breathtaking performance, and a really emotional one. Hailing from Canterbury, England, Moose Blood have been around for only two years, but they seem to know exactly where they’re heading. For us, they’re giving a whole new definition to ’emo’ music, full of passion, with lyrics from a shattered heart. Or at least, that how it sounds like. Eddy Brewerton wrote some words on their debut record ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time’, about honoring his little family and appreciating them for what they bring to him, for instance, giving the album an extremely personal dimension. Furthermore, the record is a succession of glittering, heartfelt songs. If Cherry, Kelly Kapowski and I Hope You’re Miserable are probably stand outs on it, it takes nothing off everything else on the record. Obviously drawing influences from bands such as American Football (they even refer to it on their EP ‘Moving Home’), everything on this record is a pure delight, from the melancholic melodies to Eddy’s touching vocals. Both of the re-recorded versions of Boston and Bukowski have made their way into this record brilliantly and fit perfectly to the vibe emerging from it. Having recorded their debut album with Beau Burchell (Saosin), Moose Blood are only the second band currently on the amazing No Sleep Records‘ roster and it’s fully well-deserved.

So if you’re a fan of the likes of Seahaven, Tigers Jaw, The Hotelier or Balance and Composure, chances are that you will enjoy a lot what you listen with Moose Blood. Actually, you should definitely give a listen to this band, no matter what type of music you normally listen to, because in sum, I would just say ‘Meet your new favorite band’. Moose Blood is just addictive in every way possible.

Find out more about Moose Blood : Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

Words : Yousra F.



Late January 2014, Relic Hearts appeared on the scene with an excellent cover of Lordes « Royals » and since then the band has put out a few more covers but also their very own songs and they honestly can’t stop surprising us. Many Our Last Night fans will recognize their tour manager, Jonnie Baker, who happens to be Relic Heart’s lead singer and shows us he has more than one string to his bow with this project.
Relic Hearts reminds us a bit of Our Last Night and Set it Off, both in the sound and in the lyrics but they still manage to be different. How? I have no clue yet but the answer may be in the way that Jonnie sings or in their identity as Relic Hearts. Their debut EP should be out pretty soon and as Matt Wentworth (Our Last Night) & Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse) produced the record, we know it’ll be a good one. What fascinated us is their way of making a song their own along with their original choice of covers (e.g. Am I Wrong – Nico & Vinz) and the fact they have a defined sound already. « Trust » is a good, energetic first single with its own atmosphere but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I absolutely fell in love with « Hands of Fate » a powerful rock song with meaningful lyrics. Those covers and first songs prove the band has a lot of potential, and that’s why it is my 2015 band to keep an eye on. So, whilst waiting for the EP, I’ll just play those few songs on repeat on top of their absolutely fantastic Taylor Swift cover to keep me buzzin. And you should give them a listen!

Find out more about Relic Hearts:  Facebook | Youtube

Words : Roxy S. 




Ever heard of The One Hundred? Maybe some of you have listened to two of their tracks on our most recent playlists. They are quite possibly one of the most exciting newcomers of the year. With a strong identity already, these londonners have released an EP called ‘Subculture’, that is a genuine blend of metal, rap and hardcore sounds. If you enjoy bands such as Hacktivist and Crossfaith, this one might please your ears. The One Hundred are visibly not afraid to gather a wide range of influences (Nine Inch Nails and Dinosaur Jr. being some of them) and create something quite crazy and unique with it. Their popularity is currently growing really fast, especially now that they just completed a huge UK tour with Hacktivist and played some biggish festivals such as Sonisphere. Frontman and vocalist Jacob Field has this extraordinary ability to master both singing, rapping and screaming, alongside a strong band of musicians enhancing the whole thing, with some heavy loaded guitars, explosive drumming and of course, dazzling electronics. There’s no wonder why the quatuor caught the attention of popular label UNFD, who helped them with the release of the EP. The celebratory atmosphere The One Hundred can set, as well combined with some heavier and aggressive sounds makes listening to their music start an inner party in my mind. You can mosh to The One Hundred, you can sing from the top of your lungs to The One Hundred and you can dance to this music. What more could you ask for?
“We are the new breed / the new generation”, they say. Well if that’s the new generation, we couldn’t be more excited to be part of it and quite frankly, we’re looking forward to seeing what does the future hold for The One Hundred!

PS : Check out their cover for Iggy Azalea’s Black Widow, because it’s quite awesome!

Find out more about The One Hundred : Official Website | Facebook 

Words : Mariam B. 



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