2016 in review : Albums of the Year #3 – (Alex)

2016 has been, to say the least, a bloody wild ride. We laughed, cried (a lot), got angry, and so on — however for music, it’s been a really good one. Picking just a few releases at the end of the year is always a hard task, but this year brought us too many amazing releases to count! Nonetheless, we still had to make our choices, and you can read why we chose them below. Here’s Alex’s contribution.


Good Charlotte – ‘Youth Authority’

Of course this was going to be my #1 album of the year—Good Charlotte have been my favourite band for 14 years, and that’s not going to change any time soon. Especially seeing as GC are finally back and they’re stronger than ever: ‘Youth Authority’ is a pop punk masterpiece, and it was better than anything I could have anticipated (and I’ve waited 6 years for this moment!). It was everything I needed to get me through a tough year, and a reminder that no matter what, I’ll always have their music by my side.



Simple Plan – ‘Taking One For The Team’

Simple Plan just have a way of writing exactly what I need to hear no matter what I’m experiencing, and ‘Taking One For The Team’ is a whole album packed full of “this is my anthem” moments. It’s physically impossible not to feel better after putting this record on (for real, I’m listening to it as I type this and I’ve got a huge smile on my face). SP are one of the most genuine, hard working bands out there, and I’m so glad I can always count on them to put out stellar music.



The Summer Set – ‘Stories For Monday’

The Summer Set are doin’ it for themselves, and the result is incredible. ‘Stories For Monday’ is gorgeously intricate, smartly written, and an all-round entertaining listen. They’ve stepped out of their comfort zone and really stepped up a gear with this record, and I’m excited to see where they go next.


Honourable mentions: MAX‘s ‘Hell’s Kitchen Angel’ / Jon Bellion‘s ‘The Human Condition’ / Yellowcard’s self-titled (I’m going to miss this band more than they’ll ever know.)


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