2016 in review : Albums of the Year #2 – (Roxy)

2016 has been, to say the least, a bloody wild ride. We laughed, cried (a lot), got angry, and so on — however for music, it’s been a really good one. Picking just a few releases at the end of the year is always a hard task, but this year brought us too many amazing releases to count! Nonetheless, we still had to make our choices, and you can read why we chose them below.
(Episode two)

Good Charlotte – Youth Authority

The guys of Good Charlotte had been highly expected for the last 5 years. And 2016 has clearly been the year for their major comeback. ‘Youth Authority’ gathers everything that make Good Charlotte what it is: meaningful lyrics with pop/punk vibes and emo feels.  It fits the current alternative scene and represents exactly what I needed, to go through an important change in my life: turning the big 25! Which also means 10 years of having the band by my side and that’s another reason why ‘Youth Authority’ is so awesome! The album took me ‘back in the days’ but still allowed me to realize how far I’ve come through the years. Life Changes, Keep Swinging, Makeshift Love and The Outfield are clearly songs that put on light this successful album and honestly made it one of my favorite albums ever.


Beartooth – Aggressive

After a very successful first album, ‘Disguting’, Beartooth had the hard task of putting out its follow up that would pretty much please everyone. And last June the band came back with a pretty great second album ‘Aggressive’ that showed an evolution from the band’s first release but kept its predecessor’s vibes. Caleb Shomo’s song-writing remains powerful with nice melodies clearly made for crowd-singing and songs heavier at times yet keeping the essence of Beartooth’s sound. Special mention for the songs However You Want It Said, Find A Way, Sick of Me and Fair Weather Friend. So much Love for Beartooth, always!


Boston Manor – Be Nothing.

If you’ve been following the band since ‘Driftwood’ and had the chance to see Boston Manor live you can agree they have grown a lot over the last couple of years. The band teased us with a first single Laika back in August that set the mood for their first full-length album. Their EP ‘Trapped Nerve’ last year had me falling for them, and this new one with songs like Burn You Up, Forget Me Not, Stop Trying Be Nothing. or Broken Glass confirmed not only my love for them but mostly their potential to evolve in the rock/alternative scene. Totally cannot wait to have them over in Europe early 2017! 


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