2016 In Review : Albums of The Year #4 (Yous)

2016 has been, to say the least, a bloody wild ride. We laughed, cried (a lot), got angry, and so on — however for music, it’s been a really good one. Picking just a few releases at the end of the year is always a hard task, but this year brought us too many amazing releases to count! Nonetheless, we still had to make our choices, and you can read why we chose them below. Here’s Alex’s contribution.


Boston Manor – ‘Be Nothing’

‘Be Nothing’ may have been released only 3 months ago, but I feel like I have spent half of my life listening to it. I was skeptical about how Boston Manor could outdone their previous work, since ‘Driftwood’.  ‘Saudade’ approached perfection to my ears, but ‘Be Nothing’ was honestly “a love at first listen” kind of record. The band has therefore comforted his spot as one of the closest band to my heart at the moment.
All the songs on this album have their own identity, a different energy and a unique vibe. On one hand , you get powerful and upbeat songs like Lead Feet or Kill Your Conscience, while on the hand, you have more mellow and laid back songs like Broken Glass or Fossa, and it’s all equally a treat to the ears.
And all my feelings towards this record came pouring down during that show in Dendermonde, in that small venue, with 20ish other  committed fans.



letlive. – ‘If I’m The Devil…’

Well I don’t care if you’re the devil Jason Butler, as long as you keep writing songs like these. This album had such an impact on my entire year, not only that it enlighten it, but it honestly brought me closer to coming to terms with who I really am. To be honest, I had my shares of ups and downs this year, more than any other year, and these songs has ridden through them with me. They soothed my cries, unleashed my anger and mutliplied my joy at times when I needed it the most. If I had to pinpoint some songs on this record, even though I think the whole record is absolutely wonderful, I would say that Who You Are Not, Copper Colored Quiet, If I’m The Devil and Foreign Cab Rides, for instance, bring out different flavors to Letlive‘s music from what we’re previously used to.
This record sounds like an attempt at redemption, from someone who doesn’t really get why he’s seen as a villain (I strongly advise you to watch If I’m The Devil… documentary to have a better grasp at the album atmosphere). There never was a doubt in my mind about how good Letlive were, and they can prove you that they’re one of the most passionate bands out there when you see them live, and this record has just solidifies their unique spot in my heart.



Violent Soho – ‘WACO’

Violent Soho have always mastered the art of mixing and drawing from different genres and their third full length ‘WACO’ is no exception. It manages to get you back in time, with its raw punk/rock, hippie-sh at times, while still fully having both your feet in the 21st century. You can also hear the grunge sonorities and influences in there, typically in the title track Waco. I just love every track on this record, each with its own signature, its own energy and its own atmosphere.
Violent Soho just gives alternative rock its full meaning throughout this album.
And all of course, we all hysterically laughed when at the Aria Awards ceremony, they got called for their second award of the night, there was none of them to be found, since they all went to celebrate the first award, never imagining there will be another one coming. Crazy Australian dudes.


Honourable mentions :
Moose Blood and their refreshing ‘Blush’ – Architects and their brilliant ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’ – Polar with their passionate ‘No Cure No Saviour’ –  American Football‘s much needed self titled second record – Thrice‘s triumphant comeback with ‘To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere’ – Luca Brasi‘s ‘If This Is All We’re Going To Be.’

Most anticipated releases of 2017 : While She Sleeps, You Me At Six, Mallory Knox, Stray From The Path, Creeper, Deaf havana, Stick To Your Guns.


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