2017 In New Music : The Second Quarter

Having a hard time keeping track of all the releases coming out? Don’t worry, we know the feeling. So we gathered in this little thing a few albums we enjoyed listening to, in this second quarter of 2017. 

You might have noticed that there has been a lot going in the While She Sleeps‘ camp lately.  2017 marks this point in their career where they have become fully independent. Consequently, the news built anticipation and curiosity around their future work and “You Are We” is the result. While She Sleeps are back at it again; they have outdone themselves in many unexpected ways. “You Are We” teems with potential future anthems. We can’t wait for the upcoming festival season and see how these songs are going to be renditioned live.

As a reminder that the UK is the land of great music, Acres and Loathe both have put out new music that will certainly join your playlists for the remainder of the year. Long overdue, The One Hundred have finally released their debut album “Chaos & Bliss”. Blood Youth offered to us a solid debut in “Beyond Repair”, which wasn’t an easy task for them since their previous EPs set the bar very high, while Youth Killed It literally killed it (pun intended, obviously) with the joyful “Modern Bollocks” and its punk-ish anthems. But hold on a second. If you’re into punk and never heard of WACO before, here’s an advice : listen to “Deathless” EP, because this is a weird and irresistible record that it is certainly going to follow you throughout your summer.

If you’re looking for lighter notes, but more emotional vibes, this year is all yours! We recommend listening to Daisyhead’s “In Case You Missed It”, Balance and Composure‘s new EP “Slow Heart” and A Will Away’s full length “Here Again”, which all have conquered our hearts. Gun Shy, from Southampton, UK, also brought to life something quite touching and unique in its own way. Go listen to the 7 tracks on “The Long Dance” and see for yourself.
You should know by now that we also have a soft spot for the lovely dudes in Major, who should be proudly carrying the belgian flag in the land of emo. Their new EP “With So Much Open Space” shows them blossoming and gives every listener life. Please don’t sleep on Major!

One of our favorites 2017 so far has also seen the light in this second quarter of the year.  The Maine‘s “Lovely Little Lonely” holds everything everyone’s always loved about The Maine (and even more.) 12 tracks and a full universe around it makes this album really unique. The kind of record that a) makes you feel like reconnecting with an old friend b) grows in you as time passes.

Even down under, on the other side of the world, good music is proliferating. First, theres the one that got us on pins and needles for a few months now. It’s House Vs Hurricane‘s comeback because we’ve been waiting for this to happen ever since they decided to call it quits in late 2014. Released through Unified, “Filth” was worth the wait and easily takes on a trip down memory lane. Clowns and Deadlights have put out excellent, messy punk/metal/hardcore records, so if you’re a fan  of gritty vocals and heavy sounds, you probably want to check them out.
On a different scope, the one and only The Smith Street band have finally put out “More Scared of You Than You Are Of Me” and we are in awe of how Australia can be such a (mine d’or) for alternative music.

What happens when legends reunite to create things together? Albums like “Two Parts Viper” see the light. Hell yes, 68 did it again and their latest record is a delight!
Last but not least, do not forget about Eighteen Visions successful return, with their first album in a decade.


Also, don’t forget to check out :

  • Portugal. The Man – “Woodstock”
  • Kamikaze Girls – “Seafoam”
  • Super American – “Disposable” – Listen to Sloppy Jazz
  • Ceres – “Stretch Your Skin” – Listen to Loner Blood 
  • Figures – “Figures” & “Chronos” – Listen to Filter
  • Moments – “Outlast” – Listen to House of Habits


2017 In New Music : The First Quarter

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