2019 in Review: Albums of the Year part III

 2019 has flown by it seems, and it’s been a very prolific one for music. With so many records out this year, we’ll be sharing with you daily our favorites, through the holiday season. Those that held a special place in our hearts as individuals and music lovers. The year in review series is now officially launched and here’s the third installment of ‘Albums of the Year’!

Stray From The Path – Internal Atomics

The year is 2019 but the lines of history seems to be pretty dully and relentlessly repeating themselves over time. And those of the American political landscape are no different. As always, Stray From The Path, driven by the passion to underline and denounce the failing American system, chose ‘Internal Atomics’ as a mean to do so. The band are clearly making a statement, they have already entered the ring with their previous material (and we all remember the impact ‘Only Death Is Real’ had upon its release) , but they’re definitely not stepping back and will keep in voicing their opinions. This record does not only tackle politics and religion (eg. Fortune Teller), it also discuss various vices in our current society, for instance the omnipresent apathy or the lack of willpower, that we hear through lines like these “It’s not your fault, this is who you are… bullshit!” (Kickback) or “How can you see this shit and not react?” (The First Will Be Last).
The pace is faster than ever before, the guitars are shredding and the lyrics are firing and cut through! It’s the breath of fresh air we all need to get us fired up. – Y.F

Recommended tracks : Kickback, Fortune Teller, Second Death, Actions Not Words 


The Devil Wears Prada – The Act

The Devil Wears Prada have always been favorites of mine and I am always scared to be biased whenever I take a look at their new work. At the same time, I also feel like expecting a lot from them can make me harsh in my judging. However only a couple listens into ‘The Act’ skyrocketed this album to serious contender to AOTY.
This is a band that will always remain true to their heavy, sinister core, but at the same time they always manage to come back with something new and fresh, that will interest their faithful audience as well as conquer new listeners. TDWP have this ability to create music that is so intense it’s almost impossible not to be touched one way or another. Listen to Chemical and try not to physically react.
The band also gifted us with a much awaited appearance on the Stray From The Path December tour (they don’t play Europe very often), where they confirmed the quality of these new tracks of theirs, that are very well shaped for the stage as well. – M.B
Recommended tracks: Chemical, Numb, Line of Your Hands, Please Say No

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