Show Review : Thirty Seconds To Mars / Twin Atlantic – Paris, Feb 18th

1797500_10151936873937688_1868960584_nIt is tuesday night and a special night because we were heading to the Zenith in Paris for Thirty Seconds To Mars‘ second sold out show in a row in Paris. And for this great tour, they brought along one of Scotland’s finest bands, Twin Atlantic.

After a few months hiding in a studio, it was a major and sudden news that the Scottish in Twin Atlantic delivered when they announced their shows with Thirty Seconds To Mars only a very few days before it actually started, provoking a torrent of panic amongst their fans. With that being said, we heard their first shows of tour in France were apparently quite well received and it indeed got confirmed when we made it to Paris on the 18th of February. Benefiting from a good 45minute slot, Twin Atlantic were surely conquering a lot of new people with their alt rock driven music and some electrifying accents. Entering the stage under a round of applause, Twin Atlantic executed their performance with brio, following up smoothly between the songs and communication with the audience. Opening the set with a new number Fall Into The Party, followed by another new one Actions That Echo, Twin Atlantic however played a good amount of hits such as Edit Me, Yes I Was Drunk, Make a Beast of Myself and the closing, epic Free. For this last one, we could only find regrettable the fact that there weren’t more people singing along to the chorus’ lyrics that make it look and sound even more epic, but that wasn’t their show, so let’s not complain.

Around 9.20pm, the headliners Thirty Seconds To Mars headed on stage for a second sold out show in Paris. As their new custom wanted (well, it’s not than new if you consider the fact that they’ve been doing it since their record ‘This Is War’ came out), the stage was covered with a big curtain as the song Escape was already starting. The band was in shape and delivered a strong performance, as the fans are on needles and pins and everyone in this huge venue was singing their heart out. Frontman Jared Leto was on fire as well,  running, jumping and entertaining the crowd during the whole show. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see much of the two other members, Tomo and Shannon, except when the whole band gathered in the center of the stage to throw colored powder on each other. France is like a second home to Thirty Seconds To Mars, as Jared stated several times, and we can see that just thanks to the amount of french words/sentences he can speak (‘Je m’appelle Jared’ ‘J’habite Paris’ or the famous ‘Vous êtes très très ouf’). Thee band played a diverse set with mostly songs from the two latest full-lengths (Night of The Hunter/ This Is War/ Closer To The Edge/ City Of Angels/ Do Or Die…).
When Jared asked who was attending the show the night before, half of the people rose their hands, showing that these are truly devoted fans. After several energetic songs and moments, Leto grabbed an acoustic guitar to play a few old songs : Attack, The Kill, Capricorn and Hurricane. But there was also a song that wasn’t really expected, Echelon, which fulfilled many of fans’ wishes, it was a rare and precious time that everyone enjoyed. After leaving the stage for a few moment, the band has been asked back for an encore which consisted in Brights Lights and Up In The Air, during which some of the fans invaded the stage. It is during this song that the crowd could witness a beautiful and special event, as a polish fan proposed to his future-wife (she said yes) on stage, the whole thing under Jared Leto’s direction.

It was overall a really good night during which we finally got to see the great scottish band Twin Atlantic and reconnect with Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Special thanks to Live Nation France

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