4 Relevant Artists Who Deal With Real Shit

© Alisson Nilsson // www.plugin-mag.com
© Alisson Nilsson // www.plugin-mag.com

Do you enjoy hearing about relevant issues while you nod your head along to quality music? We have just the bands for you.

* Martha / One Night Stand In North Dakota

Martha and One Night Stand in North Dakota — ONSIND for short — share both founding members and a talent to write catchy music that’s packing severe punches. If you look beyond the music you’ll hear carefully chosen words about gender roles, mental health, politics, and queerness. They both manage to be moody while staying optimistic and will bring you some hope in this bleak, capitalist society.

Check out: Heterosexuality Is A Construct by One Night Stand In North Dakota / Do Whatever By Martha


* Kamikaze Girls

Hailing from London and Leeds, Kamikaze Girls are a duo whose music will resonate with anyone who’s ever been hopeless and sad ; once you get acquainted with their powerful, vitriolic DIY sound and their newly released (and adequately named) EP ‘Sad’, you’ll feel at home. They’re all about solidarity and honesty and are a no bullshit bunch. They’ll also be embarking on a huge tour around Europe, the UK and the US very soon, so you have no excuse not to spend some time with them.

Check out : Stitches


* G.L.O.S.S

Some may know them from the twitter shitstorm that surrounded the now-irrelevant Whirr a while back ; either way, G.L.O.S.S. are a good example that haters can make you famous. If you don’t know them, welcome. Breathe in, grab a baseball bat, and get ready to literally smash the patriarchy, transmisogyny, and police brutality. This is cathartic hardcore at its best, for the ‘outcasts, rejects, girls and the queers’ in their own words. Not your typical cis straight hardcore band, in the absolute best way.

Check out: Lined Lips And Spiked Bats



I live in Paris. My music taste is a mix of Emo, Pop/Punk,and everything in between. I want to be a journalist when I become an adult. When I’m not listening to sad bands or ranting about feminism, I do embroidery and watch Parks And Recreation.

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