5 singer-songwriters you need to know #4

A touching voice, a story to tell, that’s what most of the singers have in common. However, what makes them stand out individually, as songwriters and take it one step further is the way they embody their stories. It is obvious that creatives draw inspiration from their own daily experiences, nothing revolutionary about it. The difference is that some artists know how to make you feel things. And that is what we are looking for. In the myriad of music we get to discover, some artists remarkably distinguished themselves and we want to tell you about them. You will find below singer-songwriters who are currently setting themselves as promising figures in music.

  1. SAMIA

Samia has only a few singles out on her bandcamp and streaming on various platforms. Yet, her voice sounds already unique and recognizable. She has a charm, which makes her outspoken and terribly true lyrics way easier to digest. Samia talks empowerment, self-confidence and mansplaining. The New Yorker establishes herself as an independant young woman evolving in a heavily conditioned society, through her music. Her songwriting is reminiscent of some of her most influential contemporaries/pairs such as Phoebe Bridgers, at times. Despite calling herself a folk singer, Samia seems to also know how to approach more poppy grounds, as it appears on her track Someone tell the boys. This song earned her a spot on Spotify’s “Badass Women” playlist. Other than that, you can listen to 21 and Milk.



At only 15 years old, Australian singer and songwriter Ruel has been in the spotlight for a little while now. In June 2018, the young man has released his debut EP ‘Ready’ and has worked with producer M-Phazes very early in the process. His impressive and very matured voice leaves most of us in awe, including Sir Elton John, who praised his bluesy tone. A soul-singer and also a realistic and well-grounded boy, Ruel stays alert in this whirlwind of events that take him on stages all over the world, but he seems to know where he wants to go, what he wants to do and most definitely what he does not want.

Ruel fully acknowledges his youth and his lack of experience in life, but he manages to put his heart in his singing at his level and understanding of life and experiences. He talks about love, friendship, loss and grief, which aren’t light themes to tackle. On stage, Ruel gives his all and seems to have already developed a  strong relationship with his charming and respectful audience.



Rosborough is the kind of artist who instantly awakens the senses. With a unique tone and soaring vocals, the Irish singer-songwriter has the ability to open the doors to a whole new world, for the time of a song. There’s a cinematic feel about Rosborough’s music, which is both intriguing and relieving. It allows you to travel -probably to Northern Ireland – through space and time and let off the steam a little bit. Rosborough’s music is an invitation to let go (and start daydreaming?)

Rosborough is currently working on his debut album, but in the meantime, you can check out his EP ‘Paper Boats’ (released in December 2018, through Ignition Records.)



We’ve mentioned Rya Park a few times before, but it seems like she’s growing stronger over time and keeps making waves in her homeland of Australia. The blues-rock singer, who distinguishes herself with a particularly  powerful voice, has recently released yet another vibrant track called Tokyo.  A song we can’t help but put on repeat and even make one dance move or two each time. Rya Park plays tons of shows down under and we’re itching to finally see her release new music and tour the world!



Our first encounter with Kelvin Jones was back in January, when he was opening for Australian pop phenomenon Amy Shark on her European headline run. The young british artist has shaped his sound both in his family-home bedroom and on the european roads playing a lot of shows here and there and drawing inspiration in different places, including in Germany, where he spends a lot of time.

Kelvin happens to be a charming story-teller, both in the way he puts all of his songs in context and the way he performs them. With only a guitar and a discreet light ray, he quickly catches people’s attention with heartfelt and warm melodies. If you ever get to see him on stage, you will also enjoy being part of the show, because he makes the audience participate in enhancing the songs. Kelvin Jones also happens to be a very funny and charismatic character, which is just added bonus.

The singer-songwriter’s new album is now done and ready to see the day of light soon, so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, you can catch Kelvin on tour throughout the spring, with stops in Belgium and the Netherlands.


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