After The Burial guitarist Justin Lowe passes away at 32

After The Burial - Paris, October 2014 © Alisson Nilsson //
After The Burial – Paris, October 2014 © Alisson Nilsson //

Shortly after brutally leaving his band and releasing a disturbing statement regarding the situation, guitarist Justin Lowe went missing for that past couple of days. His family and friends did express serious concern, especially knowing that he was mentally ill (although receiving treatment.)

We were hoping that Lowe would be found safe and sound and get the help he needed, however, the news took a tragic turn today as the musician has been found dead in Wisconsin.

Our deepest and sincerest condolences go to the Lowe family. This is a stark reminder that mental health issues are serious and should never be taken lightly.


For those who didn’t follow the whole story; Justin Lowe left After The Burial after releasing a troubling statement, a few weeks ago, where he explained his feeling of being victim of a terrible conspiracy. His former bandmates later released their own statement, expressing their concern about his mental health. Lowe’s sister shared the news of his alleged missing on her social media last weekend. Justin Lowe died this week at the age of 32.



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