Against Me! and The Bronx : Story of a marvelous evening – Paris (June 2017)

Against Me! – Paris, June 2017 © Gaëlle Pitrel //

The room was as hot as it’s ever been for The Bronx and Against Me’s show a few weeks ago. But that didn’t stop anyone.

The Bronx basically took La Maroquinerie by storm that night, with singer Matt Caughthran spending half of the set in the pit, crowdsurfing, or dancing while wearing a motorcycle helmet. That band definitely knows how to work a crowd like no one else does. Given how rowdy and substantial that set was, it was easy to wonder how the audience would be able to recharge before Against Me! got on stage.

The Bronx – Paris, June 2017 © Gaëlle Pitrel //

Luckily punx have energy to spare and the floridian band got a very warm welcome back as well. From Pints of Guinness Make You Strong to Rebecca, Against Me! played songs out of their whole discography, proving their constant ability to write absolute bangers. No chorus left the fans unmoved (figuratively and literally) and smiles were on everyone’s face, starting with singer Laura Jane Grace’s. The whole venue was obviously all ears when she returned on stage for an encore including an acoustic cover of The Mountain GoatsThe Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton. The band then went on with Joy, whose title was as fitting as ever. Let’s just say emotion really filled the room for a moment.

Against Me! – Paris, June 2017 © Gaëlle Pitrel //

Seeing the amount of bliss in the air and the very diverse turnout in Paris that night was for sure a nice breath of fresh air in today’s stifling global atmosphere. It might not change the world just yet but punkrock shows, for lack of an escape, offer a lucid and somewhat promising answer to the world outside.

Words and Photos :
Gaëlle Pitrel
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