EP Review : Of Allies – Tempers

rsz_temperscover2Alternative rock new comers Of Allies have recently revealed a debut EP, ‘Tempers’ that we found quite interesting. Hailing from Yorkshire, UK,   Of Allies are one of those bands that quickly understood that playing good music isn’t enough to catch attention. Instead, they early decided to go more in depth and re-explore their own skills.

‘Tempers’ shows a great balance between different vibes and states of minds. The record kicks off gently, with a tender and unctuous voice. The sequence gradually escalates to reach a high point with the track In Screens, which is more loaded with guitars and angry rock and roll riffs. Things cool down again right after as we enter to the next track, In Stasis, that we can refer to as (kind of) the ballad of this EP. The problem with these kind of songs is that many bands feel obligated to put a slow track on their records and sometimes, it’s just too generic and therefore useless. In Of Allies case, this placement is methodic and the song isn’t boring. This song builds up at times and it gives it more relief. It’s smart.  The bass lines are also fairly audible and we appreciate being able to hear properly the role of each instrument involved. Play Dead, the closing track is definitely the one that sums up the whole EP and showcases the potential of this band. The sound is mature and hard-hitting, with a great rock spirit.

Of Allies have created in ‘Tempers’ something enjoyable to hear. This is a good alternative rock EP. Well-balanced -just as the title suggests it- and sometimes catchy, it’s a good start for the band. Now that they seem to have found their direction, we are expecting more depth, more boldness, in their future releases, because they do have the ability to do very interesting things. Of Allies are a band we are definitely putting in our radar.


Of Allies – ‘Tempers’
Released : July, 7th (self release)

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