Album Review : Anti Flag – American Spring

11034290_10155286231175453_8302100398170661602_nAnti Flag recently made a successful comeback after 3 years on the road, putting out their 10th album “American Spring” on May 25th and touring Europe. The band teased us with Fabled World, Sky Is Falling & Bradenburg Gate 3 different tracks off the album which gave us the feeling it would be a major one. And although the expectations from their fans were high, the band didn’t disappoint.

“American Spring” is actually a new yet classic punk rock album and some songs such as Believer, Without End or The Great Divide are the symbols of Anti Flag’s musical evolution throughout the years. And although punk rock is a genre that is fading nowadays, Anti Flag brought us back to the roots, reminding us what punk-rock really is all about.
With this album they managed to add a touch of 2015 with current society themes, telling us a story and translating its ideas regarding today’s world. So even if you’re not a punk-rock fan originally, you can find inspiration in that album because Anti Flag gives you that feeling of belonging to something. Something beyond a simple type of music. And for a band that’s been going on for years it managed to keep its ethic and each of us can now pick our own favourite tracks. Although Walk Away, All Of The Poison/All Of The Pain, Fabled World and Sky Is Falling are absolute must-listens! It actually seems like the more you listen to “American Spring”, the more the songs are growing on you and you find yourself singing them in the shower before going into work. Especially Bradenburg gate a rock, energetic yet dancy song.
In a nutshell, with “American Spring”, Anti Flag brings us back at the heart of the punk rock community serving us with an album filled with hope, anger but mostly honesty that will satisfy the ears of many old and new fans. So let yourself fall back in love with it and give it a listen. You owe it to the disturbed teenager in you!



Anti Flag – ‘American Spring’
Released : 26.05.2015 via Spinefarm Records


Words : Roxy S. 


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