Album Review: I Am The Avalanche – Wolverines

Quartet I Am The Avalanche released their third studio album through I Surrender Records on the 17th of March. ‘Wolverines’ proves that the band has aged and that they have progressed in so many ways. But still they stick to their melodic hardcore slash pop-punk sound.

IATAThe first song on the record is Two Runaways. With a blasting guitar solo, the opening of the song reminds me of an old-school rock classic teleported from the nineties. This proves immediately that the band has matured. 177, number two on the album, is a fast and lively song and would be the perfect soundtrack if you suddenly wanted to do something reckless.

The Shape I’m In is a piece of art which captures your attention immediately. With crazy sing-along potential, it makes you long for that upcoming summer full of festivals and great bands even more. My Lion Heart has a happy melodic sound and beautiful dark lyrics, which is, if you ask me, a pretty powerfull combination.

They close the album with One Last Time, which has a lot of emotion in it, so that makes it a perfect end of Wolverines.

If you are into poetic lyrics, fine rifs and catchy choruses, this album is definitely a recommender!

 Text: Lana


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