Album Review : Call It Off – Lovers & Liars

PromoImageIf you’re into the Pop/Punk genre or simply enjoy Belgian and Dutch gigs, then you may have already heard of Call It Off, a 4-piece band from Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. If not, well don’t worry; it’s never too late!

Call It Off started in September 2013 and in one year they have accomplished a lot, not afraid of the fierce competition of bands nowadays. Call It Off is one of these very successful bands that, although they only started about a year and a half ago, have enough talent to share the stage with pop/punk legends and sell out both of their EP’s, just like that.

So, on February 2nd they are releasing one full-length album “Lovers & Liars”, a combo of their 2 EP’s with 2 exclusive new tracks and based on how much the fans loved both of the EP, their new edition as a bundle came as no surprise. However, what did was how the 2 EPs actually fit perfectly together. The artwork made by Mathijs Vissers, also a mix of the 2 EPs artworks, is absolutely brilliant and describes pretty well the spirit behind this full-length album.
On “Lovers & Liars” we can feel the roots of the band sounding like New Found Glory, The Story So Far or even Green Day and Simple Plan at times. Call It Off definitely is bringing Pop/Punk to life again, yet they manage to differentiate themselves from all the other new US/UK bands of the genre, mixing all of their influences to create their own sound. Standout tracks on the album are Do It All Again, Dyanne, Stuck With You, Burning Pages, and Famous Last Words although each track has its own value. The 2 new songs Forget You & Forward Or Crazy are two powerful songs that add even more quality to the album underlining what makes Pop/Punk special: loud energy and simple/meaningful lyrics, perfect for sing-alongs. Basically, what defines this full-length album are cute and energetic songs with efficient guitar riffs, telling stories that can speak to everyone whether you’re a teenage kid or in your mid-twenties, with a very US 90’s rock influence.



In a nutshell, we can definitely say that the band makes the Netherlands a cool place for pop/punk as they proudly join the bands making the genre hype and trendy again. And this album, being just a preview to the bright future that lies ahead for Call It Off, will surely find its crowd and help the band grow its fanbase across Europe. Their music is perfect for a roadtrip, to jam along around Festival season and that’s probably what we’ll do on our way to Groezrock! So if you like pop/punk and want some new tunes, just go grab a copy, it’ll make you proud of your music roots. Seriously, don’t miss out!




Call It Off – ‘Lovers & Liars’
Released : February 2nd, 2015 (White Russian Records)


Words : Roxy S. 


Catch them live : 
17.02 – w/ Falling In Reverse, Tivoli Utrecht (NL)
13.03 – Thunderstruck Festival, Hedon Zwolle (NL)
29.03 – White Russian Fest, Dynamo Eindhoven (NL)
01.05 – Groezrock Festival, Meerhout (BE)

More info : Official website | Facebook

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