Album Review : Canvas – No Love, No Hope, No Future

“No Love, No Hope, No Future”



Canvas took time to write and record their newest record and you understand why as soon as you start listening to it. The band’s “music for misery” is the result a whole self-exploring process and Canvas obviously put a lot of effort in transcribing it in quality heavy music. It’s meticulous, finely worked and processed, even for the smallest details. Everything is perfectly thought, from the progressive sequence to the songs that echo one to another.

  In fact, one of the first things that caught my attention is that second last track Desperation appears as a reflection for opener No Future and, as a reminder that the sequence is wisely chosen.
‘No Love, No Hope, No Future’ is an introspective record that explores beliefs, self-esteem and overcoming, through complex and melancholic songs. Several layers of sounds and strong lyrics build this effort, with powerful tracks such as Griever and Euology that both bring an epic dimension to the record. They’re even darker, supported by some mournful vocals and dramatic drum beats. Live.Exist is another brilliant track that gradually fades in and represents well the  winding road we’re about to follow. The song leaves us however wanting more, which is probably why it’s the second track off the album. A real balance exists between the numbers as they’re all different and therefore not boring as a whole. There are aggressive and fast paced tracks such as Tarot, whereas most of the record is more controlled. Sounding beautiful and vulnerable at the same time, instrumental Respite fits perfectly where it is and even seems essential.
Lyrically, we move through insecurity and unreleased angst all along the record where words like “struggle” and “heartache” build up the record as it unfolds.

“No Love, No Hope, No Future” seems to represent the tortured souls of our generation. The ones that are confined in a constant state of dread and anxiety, the ones that are in doubt and mistrust the future. In the end, this album appears like a catharsis for both the authors/performers and the listener, as you feel released and free when it ends.

It’s not everyday that I instantly fall in love with a heavy record and it is precisely what happened with  ‘No Love, No Hope, No Future’.  Canvas is a DIY formula that works and this record is a proof of it!





Canvas – ‘No Love, No Hope, No Future’
Released on October 20th
via Transcend Music

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