Album Review : The Catharsis – Romance

TheCatharsisRomancealbumcoverartworkpackshot400pxThrashHits“No Love, no love for me”

You know that kind of music that does strange things into your body from the beginning to the end? Like a roller coaster of feelings, that grabs you from the deep inside?
Well, ‘Romance’ is one of those. And the title totally fits the spirit of the album. Indeed, we’re in a romantic introspection about a variation of emotional subjects. Of course love, emotions and feelings are a common theme in music, but it’s never truly sought after. When I say romantic here, it’s more in a classic and literary sense. Remember romanticism? The Catharsis provide us here with a modern and auditive definition of it.

It kicks off with a disturbed track, Funeral : “Loved / Lost / Never home again”, Morgan Tedd screams. Something troubling, but delicious is about to happen. Although a bit scary, some kind of an unwholesome curiosity makes you want to go and explore this dangerous field.

“Your misery is mine”

Right after that starts a hellish whirl of riffs  and breathtaking beats with Stray Dogs and its successors; a genuine demonstration of talent. What’s delightful about this record is that all of the lyrics are audible. I mean yes, as a non-english speaker, it is pleasant to be able to hear the lyrics and it’s not always easy, especially when it comes to this type of music involving screamed lyrics.

Even though the whole album is absolutely brilliant, there are a couple of standout tracks, such as the devilish Heart Burner which is for me a masterpiece. Musicality is extremely interesting on that record, as you can heal and feel a real creativity and research. There is a real effort and substantial work behind this record that deserves recognition. I particularly think of Styx, which is one of the greatest songs I’ve heard in a long time.


“My body is a grave”

The atmosphere set here fits perfectly with the main theme of ‘Romance’ : It’s dark, melancholic and introspective and what is splendid about this is that it’s amazingly expressed through music, not to mention the lyrics. They say music gives tongue to what words can’t verbalize…Well, it’s most definitely the case on that record, which is a delight for my ears and feelings. In the end, listening to ‘Romance’ in its entirety is a purgation.

Hats off to the aptly named The Catharsis,  for the brilliant (debut) record.


The Catharsis – ‘Romance’
Released : April 22nd, 2013

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