Album Review: The Contortionist – Language

ContortionistIndianapolis quintet The Contortionist are giving the name of progressive metal a whole new perspective. To give you a play by play of each track like a normal review wouldn’t suit third and latest release ‘Language’, because this isn’t a normal album. You need to listen to it as a whole in order to fully appreciate it, a refreshing take on the non-stop barrage of every “hit single” catchy-but-nothing-deeper chart fodder of the industry today. So set aside an hour out of your day to be transported into the way albums should be made.

This isn’t an album loaded with lyrics, but the music is so physically moving it doesn’t need words to speak to you on a whole different level. There’s no place this music won’t take you to, whether it’s flying over a city in a blur of lights and time, or into dark, snowy worlds more chilling than the January air. The album flits in and out of the dark and the light, alternating between lifting you up into brilliant sunshine and cloudless skies, to dragging you down into the depths of the sea, the sounds muffled by crushing crescendos and heavy, screaming beats. From the ethereal, echoing sounds of opening track The Source to brooding storm-filled closer The Parable, there are nine different worlds to be explored in each track.

‘Language’ is like playing your favourite video game—the one with the killer soundtrack, perfectly tailored to each scene that plays out. Who hasn’t wanted to jump into the screen and experience a whole new world? You want panoramic views of new wonders? Or you want complete and utter chaos? Here’s your chance—the road ahead is mapped out in every note. So grab a controller and dive into a new universe—it’s a game you can’t lose.



The Contortionist – ‘Language’

Released: 15/9/14 via eOne Music

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