Album Review: I Divide – Last One standing

LOS PackshotQuintet I Divide have just won the Red Bull Bedroom Jam in 2012 and have already performed at many major festivals including Download, Slam Dunk and Hevy. In 2013 they played Reading and Leeds festivals, they toured with Funeral for a Friend and embarked on a headline run. They will be releasing their highly anticipated debut album ‘Last One Standing’ April 14th.

‘Last One Standing’ is professional, moving, head bangingly good, it is simply so much more than you could ever expect from a debut album.

The opening track Follow Me captures your attention from the first note to the last, the vocals contain so much emotion, the guitar and drum pieces make you close your eyes just to make sure you hear every single note, every single beat. I would blindly follow them whilst this tune plays in the background.

Monster In Me is one of those tracks you cannot wait to hear live because you want to see how the crowd reacts to the drums, you want to hear them sing along to every single word or in my case, you want to close your eyes, focus on the music and focus on the emotions. Cold At Bottom starts of really slow, with piano, strings and vocals but holy shit, once those drums and that bass kicks in you’ll be banging your head in no time.

Living In A Hurricane features one of the most amazing guitar intros I have ever heard and paired with the vocals it is goosebump-worthy and the bridge is simply haunting, in a good way.
Look At Me Now closes the album with an amazing bass line, smooth vocals and lyrics that are simply amazing and incredibly easy to identify with, I would even dare to call them empowering.

All things considered this is all you can expect from a debut album and definitely more, I cannot wait to check these guys out live. For all you UK people that should not be a problem because they’ll be touring with Blitz Kids starting April 21st, check out the dates below and you can get tickets through their website!

 Text:  Skye  J

I Divide, ‘Last One Standing’ – Set to be released on April 14th, 2014 through Destroy Everything.



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