Album Review : Front Porch Step – Whole Again (EP)

PNE160_FPS_COVER-1024x1024Front Porch Step is the acoustic solo project of the talented musician Jake Mcelfresh. After being on Warped Tour 2014 thanks to a successful first album “Aware” out last year, Front Porch Step just released “Whole Again” an EP of 4 songs perfectly on time for Christmas.

This EP is well-shaped for the holiday season mostly because it suits the cold weather. It is indeed perfect for December as it makes you want to stay in, curl up in bed, watch the rain outside your window and eat your feelings, pretty much.

“Whole Again” completes Front Porch Step’s first album and follows the atmosphere of it, with 3 love songs that whether you’re single or not, you will fall for, as it’ll make you reminisce. These 3 songs are honestly perfect and cute and the more you listen to it, the more it gives you chills. The amazingness of these songs is based on McElfresh’s voice, filled with emotions and underlined even more with the acoustic. The last song on the album is a Christmassy one, a cover of Bing Crosby entitled “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” which is perfectly executed and makes you as excited as a kid.

This EP is absolutely lovely and it reminded us how music is priceless and how easily it can bring back memories; all you need is an acoustic guitar, sweet melodies and beautiful lyrics. It actually fits any Christmas playlist and must be played on repeat because the more you listen to it, the more you feel like your heart is on your sleeves. In a nutshell, “Whole Again” is perfect for a rainy Sunday, or simply to heal your broken heart and if you’re as much of a fan of the genre as we are, well you just found the EP to light up your Christmas break.

– “I heard your name the other day and I got sick in the most wonderful of ways. I thought about the days we laughed about our past. And now you’re stuck there like the time I can’t get back” –


Words : Roxy G. 


Front Porch Step – ‘Whole Again’
Released : December 2nd, 2014 (Pure Noise Records)


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