Album Review : Grandview – Everything Between Paint and a Wall

996648_447096445394235_375063369_nIt’s very likely that you have never heard of Grandview before and you are forgiven. But it’s now time to get familiar with this band because they’re kind of awesome. What music do they play? They like to say it’s rock. Just rock. For us, it’s not really pop-punk, not really emo (even though it sounds a lot like it at times). Grandview however sound very mature and ‘Everything Between Paint and a Wall’ holds a strong signature and the mark of quality (hard) work, which is rather impressive when you suddenly realize that this band hasn’t been around for long. Indeed, founded in 2012, Grandview have already released an EP, ‘Absolutely Nothing’ and this album is their debut full-length.

Ambient guitars and raw vocal complaints are the main ingredients of the record and it blends carefully anger and confusion through electric melodies and a strong, relatable lyrical content. If you’re a fan of Seahaven you will probably find something familiar and reassuring in this. There is definitely an emotional focus here but it does definitely not fall into something stereotypical thanks to a perfect balance between powerful, energetic tracks and slower ones. Even for the latter, it’s not just ordinary or cheesy. Grandview have this wonderful ability to create genuine, thoughtful songs, with complex structures, allowing their music to be rich. It’s everything but boring: there is always something new to discover, through each listen (and you will listen to it more than once!).
Without sounding too personal, tracks like I’m A Liar remain highly relatable, whereas Saw The Sky will surprise you with beautiful melodies and growing vibrancy that bursts in, mid-track as a voice screams “Love me, hate me”, before moaning again quietly. The interlude, Say Nothing, and the song Shaper will come to temper the previous disheartening sounds and it’s relaxing. To The Sun stands out as it showcases pretty well what the whole album is about, with a beautiful escalation. It is massively grand and uplifting at the same time. A special mention also goes to passion-filled 7. You’ve guessed it right, I might as well just refer to every song as something special (but I won’t).

‘Everything Between Paint and a Wall’ is an album full of contradictions but oddly enough, it all makes sense. Everything follow up smoothly, the combination of all tracks sounds like a whole and despite each song being different one from another, nothing seems aggressively dissociated in the sequence. It just clicks. I take it as a mark of precise and fine work.

This album is deep and dark, filled with angst but also catchy at times, relaxing at others. One thing for sure, it’s always captivating.


Grandview – ‘Everything Between Paint and a Wall’,
released on 17 December 2013 through Six Pine Records (US),
& July 8, 2014 at FITA Records (UK)

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