Album review : Grey Like Masquerade – The Devil’s Tongue

487765_10150612057078663_1073139058_nReleased on March 3rd 2012, through Thanks But No Thanks Records, ‘The Devil’s Tongue’ is probably one of the albums I’ve been listening to the most during the last couple of weeks. With tons of post hardcore bands that release new music almost on a daily basis, those who catch your attention for real became some kind of a gold dust, which is most definitely the case of Belgian quintet Grey Like Masquerade.

Indulgence is the opening track, but also the first single for the album. This song immediately catches your attention whatever you are doing besides.
Indeed, there is something very greatly done about the song structures, which start with delicate sounds that seem to handle the listener with care. However, from the first listen, you may feel like the album follows the same structure throughout ten songs. If so, listen to it carefully another time, because you then realize that there is something special about it.
The sound as a whole is very strong and touching. As a matter of fact, “The Devil’s Tongue” holds onto themes of hypocrisy and betrayal (the album title clearly refers to this, as some other song titles such as “Strangers Among Friends”). Clean vocals are very powerful and so are the screams. They’re neither too violent, nor too weak, and both are well-combined together. This is probably what is the most refreshing about this album. It  sounds unique, and contains vocals you would immediately recognize without any hesitation.
For instance, the major problem of post-hardcore bands nowadays is that too many of them just sound almost exactly the same, which makes them boring. What is interesting about music is the way everyone makes it its own, and you can feel this in ‘The Devil’s Tongue’, insofar as the 5-piece managed to put its real and strong personality in it.
With some well-structured breakdowns, delightful melodies and amazingly good vocals, this album is heavy enough for hardcore fans, but also enjoyable for those who are less used to aggressive sounds. Furthermore, transitions between the songs are smooth, which makes it even more pleasant to hear. Add to this a polished production, and everything blend together beautifully. ‘The Devil’s Tongue’ is therefore a very convincing effort.
If Grey Like Masquerade gained a certain amount of recognition among the Belgian hardcore scene, they probably deserve much more on a European scale. So go buy the album, share it and try to catch them on the road.

This is one very promising band that worths more than one listen.

Artist: Grey Like Masquerade
Album: The Devil’s Tongue
Release Date: 03.03.12


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