Album Review: Hit The Lights – Summer Bones

htlHit The Lights might have been celebrating the release of their critically acclaimed 2008 release ‘Skip School, Start Fights’ with a tour, but their new album ‘Summer Bones’ is a new classic in the making. Signing to Pure Noise Records in April of last year, this record has definitely been worth the wait, so buckle up and get ready for a hard and fast pop punk party thrown by the cool older brothers you always wish you had.

Fucked Up Kids begins the album with the greatest message anyone wants to hear: “we’re all just fucked up kids and that’s okay”—so you can instantly relax knowing you’re safe in the capable melodies and beliefs of the Ohio quintet. The Real gets heavy, with towering riffs descending into guttural rock sessions. “I want to stand for something real” vocalist Nick Thompson sings, showing once again the band aren’t afraid to be completely open and exposed. Life On The Bottom and Revolutions and Executions continue in the same vein, but it’s next track No Filter that is the real life of the party—the gang vocals and staccato guitars are guaranteed to get your heart racing and your feet jumping.

You can hear why Hit The Lights decided to name the album after the track Summer Bones—with echoes of Fireworks, the storytelling-style element gives the song its charm and makes a real highlight. But don’t discount the last few songs—they’re well worth your time and the ache in your neck once you’re done headbanging along. Closing track Old Friend sends off the album in style, saluting it with soaring vocals, undeniable hooks, and irresistible drumbeats. “We will always be here” is a strong theme throughout ‘Summer Bones’, so you can rest assured these guys have got your back.



Hit The Lights – ‘Summer Bones’

Release: 24/3/15 via Pure Noise Records

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