Album Review : Mark McCabe – A Good Way To Bury Bad News

PromoImageAfter a few years spent traveling across America,mainland Europe and the UK with the likes of Frank Turner and The Flatliners to defend his debut album ‘Is That Really How You Feel ?’ and his EP ‘When I Grow Up’, Mark McCabe went back to the studio to record his freshly released full length,’A Good Way To Bury Bad News’.

The album opener,the short Summer in Scotland is But a Word, makes you want to hear more of the album,and by the time the song blends into Doubts, the Scottish singer manages to put you in an acoustic bubble that you will pleasantly stay in until the end of the album. While Catch The Wind has that pleasing folk influence,That Time I Almost Killed Martin feels like a road movie with its guitars and the singer’s fitting voice.

The album ends with the emotional ballad Join The Crowd,which contains gang vocals that really bring something more a delicate acoustic song.

Overall, Mark McCabe has more than passed the sometimes very stressful exam that is the second, awaited album.



‘A Good Way To Bury Bad News’ is out now through Cats ? Aye! Records and Shield Recordings.


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