Album Review : Miss Vincent – Reasons Not To Sleep (EP)

11256841_901113879953370_1398652619082826133_nAfter a well received EP back in 2013, the british punk-rock band Miss Vincent has put out new music, introducing a forthcoming EP « Reasons Not To Sleep », with a dark, powerful and well-defined sound. The atmosphere behind this EP, a mix of doubts, mistakes and anger put all into 6 energetic songs, is introduced from track 1 and evolves throughout the entire EP. The importance given to guitar riffs, the lead singer’s voice and backing vocals but also a bit of scream adds something to this record and settles it as dark, aggressive and full of self-questioning themes.

The band has clearly sharpened its sound, taking it to the next level, experiencing new things and adding value to each track thanks to strong instrumentals and powerful backing vocals. DNR, Gradients of Grey, Disparate/Desperate are mostly representative of this, giving the feeling that the band built the EP partly with a live perspective in mind, as we could imagine powerful sing-along on most tracks.

Stand out tracks would be Gradients Of Grey, Shogun Queen and You Can’t Blame Without Me although How Much Further and DNR are the two songs setting the tone, carrying the full atmosphere behind the EP and being good intros to it. However, the tracks are well balanced throughout the “Reasons Not To Sleep” and everyone can find something they love about each song. All this proving that Miss Vincent has delivered a much defined and qualitative EP fully defining them as the gloomy punk rockers they intend to be.

In a nutshell, « Reasons Not To Sleep » plays with your deep (untold) feelings and delivers the perfect type of music to keep you up all night. Perfect for the soon-to-be long summer nights ahead of us. So if you’re moody and questioning your life on a day-to-day basis, pretty much like us, well…this EP is what you need. Tempting, isn’t it?



Words : Roxy S. .


Miss Vincent – ‘Reasons Not To Sleep’
Released : May 11th, via Engineer Records

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