Album Review: As It Is – Never Happy, Ever After

I am back from the dead! Kind of… I still have one foot in in the grave and it just so happens to be rocking a very attractive leg brace, which is getting on my last nerve to be honest. So you have no idea how happy I was to receive the new As It Is album to review, I may have done a little happy dance to the best of my abilities, which to be honest isn’t that impressive right now, get back to me on that in a month or so when the leg brace is removed, you’ll be very impressed, trust me.
‘Never Happy, Ever After’ released via Fearless Records, comes out April 20th and is (I’m not even sorry for that lame one) to know why you’ll simply have to continue reading.

 Never Happy, Ever afterAs It Is are a band you should know already, if you don’t well shame shame shame on you! They may all be my long lost siblings because apparently they’re as obsessed with The Breakfast Club as I am.  They are a transatlantic pop-punk quintet from Brighton, UK with Patty Walters on Vocals, Benjamin Biss on vocals and guitar, Andy Westhead on guitar, Patrick Foley on drums and Alistair Testo on bass. I could try and explain what As It Is sound like or try and compare them to another band like I usually do but alas I cannot do that this time, I looked and looked and searched and pondered but I can’t really find anything to compare them to, and that is a very good thing.

Sorry is the third song on the album, and it’s a very very catchy one. It’s a song I could picture myself getting ready to, just picture any movie from the 80’s, there’s usually a girl getting ready in her room, rocking out, singing into a hairbrush like a fool. That’s me, and Sorry is that one song I would rock out to!

 Cheap Shots & Setbacks, now for this song let’s picture another scene from said 80’s movie and let’s picture a girl full of a rage, once again I am that girl, I feel her on a personal level. Cheap Shots & Setbacks is a song I could rage to, when I’m pissed at people for being absolute twats, when something’s not going the way I want it to go, when my cat simply won’t cuddle with me, you know important stuff like that, then Cheap Shots & Setbacks could be my anthem and I’m about 99% sure that I’d feel a hell of a lot better afterwards. Now I’m not too sure if I can actually post lyrics from this song already but there’s one specific line I just want to scream from rooftop buildings. Just listen to the song once the album’s out, let me know what you think said line is and you may win yourself some brownie points or something.

 Drowning Deep In Doubt is the kind of song I’d really like to see live. It’s simply amazing on the record and I want to see for myself if it’s that perfect live as well because if so it may give me the same feels as the new Star Wars trailer… Well close to the same feels. Chewie we’re home!

 I had heard Dial Tones beforehand and I’m still just as in love with it as I was when I first heard it. It’ll definitely be on my “summer roadtrip” CD-mix. Yes I still make CD-mixes. I’m lame like that.

 I can’t even begin to explain My Oceans Were Lakes. No words, a lot of feels. All acoustic, with a nice build up and if you know me personally you know how much I can appreciate acoustic with a nice build up, add in a string section and you know I’ll listen to it religiously until the song becomes a part of me.

 Okay, picture this, you’re out with your friends, sitting in the car, driving to an abandoned field to drink a shit load and forget all about the outside world and its troubles. Put on Can’t Save Myself, just do it, you’ll know why when you do, just put it on.

 Silence is a song that’ll stick to me for a long time for a simple reason; it’s the song that was playing through my ear buds when my little brother admitted he had a crush on a girl, for the first time ever! I’m sure he’s had crushes before but he’s never told me. They grow up so fast don’t they? I am now emotionally attached to this song. I have issues.

 On ‘Never Happy, Ever After’, As It Is take us on a trip. It could very much be the perfect soundtrack to the movie I have somehow scripted while listening to the album, it’s no The Breakfast Club, that’s for sure but it could be pretty darned nice, and You, The Room & The Devil On Your Shoulder is the perfect way to end my still nameless movie. I’m pretty sure Emma Stone & Johnny Depp would star in though, we’re still working on some minor details.

 I can’t wait to see As It Is live and see if they’re as amazing live as they are on the record. Definitely pick up ‘Never Happy, Ever after’, you will not be disappointed! You’ll love it so much you’ll buy it online and then buy a physical copy and then you’ll try to find the Vinyl as well, because I know I will.

 You can check out the video for Dial Tones down below and definitely check out As It Is on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club

Just kidding, this is Skye, signing out!


As It Is – ‘Never Happy, Ever After’
Release: 20/04/2015 via Fearless Records

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