Album Review : Oceans Ate Alaska – Lost Isles

10888557_807960792593775_3860936252431761516_nHaving just wrapped up a tour with Chelsea Grin and Veil Of Maya across Europe, Oceans Ate Alaska are one of these young names that know exactly where they are heading while diving into a saturated metalcore scene. Their debut album ‘Lost Isles’, recently released through Fearless Records is a proof of it, coming off as a surprise to as, as we’re not the usual fans of deep gutturals and saturated riffs. However, the Birmingham lads brought something different in order to create a  smart product out of those already existing basis and the result isn’t bad at all!

What’s the most refreshing about ‘Lost Isles’ is probably the way it’s unpredictable. It’s as heavy as it’s melodic, but not always when you expect it. The musicality is extremely complex, something that you wouldn’t necessarily notice – except its density, as it’s overwhelming – at first glance, but after several listens, we could catch that most of the tracks are cleverly multi-layered with sounds of various influences that could also have been completely independent. For instance the unforeseen Floorboards has that pop/punk rock vibe in the way the choruses are sung, offsetting everything else on the record, that go from those painfully emotional screams, to even more profound guttural vocals, reminiscent of Thy Art Is Murder kind of sounds. However, the music itself tends to lean towards progressive metal, which creates in the end a hybrid material that has a lot to give. It highlights the technical ability this band has, which is rather impressing giving their young age and career.

All in all, Oceans Ate Alaska‘s ‘Lost Isles’ is nothing totally unheard of, and does probably sound like other elements in the heavy branch of the market, but we can’t deny how much of an achievement this album is, in terms of quality and research. ‘Lost Isles’ definitely deserves to be listened!




Oceans Ate Alaska – ‘Lost Isles’
Released : February 24th, 2015 via Fearless Records

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