Album Review: ROAM – Backbone

ROAMWho turned up the radio? Oh wait—it’s just the start of the new ROAM album. Either way, these are the songs that should be played over the airwaves—they’re fresh, packed full of meaningful lyrics, and they have far better hooks than anything you might hear on the top 40. Sliding into the album with a smooth, “You asked for it… ROAM”—you’ll be instantly reminded: damn right we did. This UK band have been working up a name for themselves on the pop punk tour circuit, so much so that they garnered a signing to American label Hopeless before ever releasing a full-length. To say we, along with half the kids on the scene, haven’t been counting the days for this record would be a lie. They hold their own amongst the pop punk heavyweights in the US, and prove that pop punk ain’t quite dead across the pond.

With their irresistible dual vocals and summery punches of riffs peppering the heavy drumbeats, they’re the essential pop punk starter kit for anyone looking to get into the scene, while at the same time giving new life and new inspiration to veteran fans. Deadweight has echoes of  soon-to-be tour mates Sum 41, with a breakdown that’s guaranteed to be a huge hit at shows. And despite one of the most shockingly named songs that offends our every sense of grammar (R.I.P. In Peace we’re looking at you), all is immediately forgiven due to the beauty in the next song Tracks, an intimate and raw acoustic ballad that shows just how much depth and maturity this band have at such an early stage in their career.

“And I try to keep where I’ve found / I’ve got my feet on the ground” couldn’t be a more accurate description of this band—they’ve already got a firm grip on their sound, and are raring for you to listen up. ‘Backbone’ has exactly that—it’s a credit to the UK music scene, and will make you believe in the whole genre of pop punk all over again. Watch out America—ROAM are bringing the noise to you, and you’d better try and keep up.



ROAM – ‘Backbone’

Released: 22/1/16 via Hopeless Records

A professional behind the scenes string-puller, in her spare time Alex is usually found spending all of her money in record stores or rocking out at shows. Pop punk is her true calling, peppered with a healthy dose of tv show marathons, and lots of iced tea.

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