Album Review : Set Things Right – This is Home

10338855_787882787902375_4365197866657910327_nAfter a tumultuous year, the Belgians of Set Things Right, with a freshly renewed line up are back with a new record, marking for them the beginning of a new era. First things first, what catches attention on this album at first glance is that it still 100% sounds like Set Things Right, despite new vocalist and a few changes of direction music-wise, which is a good news!

‘This is Home’ is very polished and greatly produced, which makes it a good enjoyable material to listen to, several times. There’s something about it that left us kind of skeptical at the beginning which is the diversity of sounds and atmospheres that can be found on it. Don’t get us wrong, what we say here is that this album doesn’t necessarily appear as  a logical whole when you first listen to it, despite sounding great. Did they scatter themselves? The answer is no. And if you ever feel the same way as we did at the beginning please give it a few more listens in order to get it completely. If it feels like Set Things Right didn’t really follow straight steps, it’s probably because they have apparently decided to expand their horizons and stray off the beaten tracks with brilliant songs such as HSAN, that is slightly different from what you may know already from this band.

Furthermore, the band seems to have maturated their own songwriting as it feels more intimate than the previous record and lyrically more introspective, which gives it depth as it’s more relatable. If all of the tracks are good individually, there are a few of them that are even stronger and completely stand out from the others in terms of musical exploring and daring. Two Faced Like Voldemort In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (props to the songtitle!)…and Dear Erica, for instance are good examples for this musical escalation we are talking about. Despite being closer to nowadays’ metalcore universe, lead single Feeding Snakes is also doing well,  with a more dramatic atmosphere and always that special touch that defines the Belgian quintet.
We also have the good surprise of having a proper version of Set Things Right’s successful cover for Fairytale Gone Bad and the brilliant and catchy single Don’t Close Your Eyes, both recorded with their original vocalist a little while ago at the Outhouse Studios (UK) and it’s a delight!

Overall ‘This Is Home’ is a great effort from the antwerpians, in which they showcase strong skills and more maturity. It’s furious and vibrant and they dared pushing boundaries which was a risk worth taking. Set Things Right are currently mastering their own sound and well on their way to a definitive and powerful identity.

One last thing: go and watch them perform live, they have a few shows lined up already for the next weeks; you won’t be disappointed!



Set Things Right – ‘This Is Home’
Released on May 31st, 2014



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