Spotlight #7 – Album Review: Stars & Flights – Moral Colour

If you’re a fan of music that has it all together, honest and melodic rock you have got to check out Stars & Flights! They were featured in our ‘Spotlight’ section this week on Plug-In and we’re back, this time with a review of their album ‘Moral Colour’.

Moral Colour CoverNow I’ll have to admit, when I listened to the opening track Moral Colour I had doubts whether I would love them or hate them. There was just something about it that made me confused but I am excited to announce that Stars & Flights have now made it onto my ‘all time favorite bands’ list!
Fairweather has an amazing intro, the drum and guitar parts are so tight and it just works, it’s right. All of the instruments are put together in a style where they just fit, and if you were to take one of them out, or even the vocals out it just wouldn’t sound right. I’m absolutely in love with the chorus and I found myself singing along instantly, it’s just that catchy.

Bitter Hands has an intro that I am now addicted to, and the guitar,bass and drums during the verses is just simply amazing. The vocals reeled me in during the chorus with lyrics that just fit, there’s no other way to put this. This song made me head bang, sing along and dance like no one was watching and this all occurred in my empty bedroom, I can only imagine what it would be like live.

The intro to Paper Roots got me thinking only one thing: ‘hell to the fucking yes’ and when the vocals came in that feeling was confirmed. They were raw, full of emotions and even gave me goosebumps at one point. The guys in Stars & Flights, can definitely write me a letter, you’ll understand what I’m talking about when you listen to this song. This song is my favorite song of the entire album!

Tired Nightlife has one of the coolest intros I have heard in a long time and I cannot wait to hear it live. The break is amazing and this song, in its entirety, is a perfect mix of loud and fast to calm and quiet.

Dearest on show, the intro is the shit, pardon my French, but it just is. The vocals lure you to them like a siren would to a sailor and even if the world was coming to an end (and it felt like it during the storms here in Belgium) you wouldn’t care. This is a song you’ll play on repeat just so you can sing along and the lyrics are so heartfelt you wish they were written about you!

The Roman Way is the perfect song to close the album and a close favorite of mine! The guitar and drums parts are just amazing, if not more than that, they intertwine as one fantastic duo. Add the vocals to that and you’ve got all the ingredients for a perfect closer!

The album ‘Moral Colour’ will be released on June 16th through Ghoulish Records and you can check out the video for Bitter Hands down below!

You can send the guys in Stars & Flights some love on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and their website!

  Text: Skye

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