Album Review : The Story So Far – The Story So Far

10425470_10153075162695943_4679947329963687322_nOne thing is for sure, The Story So Far are feeling fifty shades of blue.

Kicking off with Smile, their eponymous record immediately dives into an ultra catchy Heavy Gloom and sets up the scenery – a cerulean fog.
Though The Story So Far are anything but generic cheesy pop punk, they do have their own recurring patterns, including complicated breakups and trouble expressing emotions, which both did not miss roll call for their third LP.

Distaste and How You Are show vocalist Parker Cannon once again questioning an ex-lover’s behaviour before Nerve kicks in and blows us away with its pounding groove.
Melancholy however is definitely the main topic of the record, as the band extends the metaphor of feeling blue through Solo, Nerve, Phantom and Scowl. Including more atmospheric guitars than in their previous albums, it seems like the band wanted to express the indigo shade in their sound too, stepping away for a while from the anger that usually defines The Story So Far.Also contributing to the mood is the impeccable rhythm section of the band, especially noteworthy in Mock, Nerve and Stalemate.
Somehow, the world stops for a while as Parker Cannon starts singing Phantom. Though the band has already greeted us with a few slow songs in the past, hearing one on a record (and not an EP) caught everyone off guard. But that may be because on their self-titled record, the californian band wanted to show the world everything they are capable of, including soul-wrenching quiet songs.

This third, self-titled record is here to show the maturity that The Story So Far have acquired through their years of touring at an early age and the state of mind that they have now reached. Still upset, but probably getting better at not losing their temper.


Words : Gaëlle Pitrel


The Story So Far – ‘The Story So Far’
Released : May 18th, 2015 via Pure Noise Records


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