Album Review: Versus You – Moving On

VERSUSYOUMOVINGONToday Versus You released their fourth studio album ‘Moving On’ through Bomber Music. As they are based in the city of Luxembourg it’s a bit of a coïncidence their album’s released on Belgium’s National Day.

As we all celebrate the 21st of July, we can also celebrate the release of this record. If you are into punk rock, catchy and well written lyrics, you will defenitely find a way to appreciate this band. The album is a collection of 12 songs, written about traveling, making friends, relationships and the troubles and strife of band life. These songs include attitude, strength and substance.

When It All Goes Down is a great choice to open this record with. With a raw voice and lyrics like: ‘What you know is what you can’t teach. We all went to punk rock university. So close your books and join us on the road’, you suddenly get dragged away by a whirlwind of sweet, classic punk rock. The whirlwind continues with If The Camels Die We Die, A Way With Words and On The Town. The fifth track and also the single from the album is Better Than Me is quite an emotional song. The strong female voice added to the chorus gives the song a perfect touch. Off to the sixth track Skinny And Distracted is written about the troubles and strife of band life, as been mentioned before.

Following with One That Can See, Stay Down Stay Strong, Kitchen-Sink Drama and Pills we get to the last two songs. Still I Persist and You Are My Friend are the perfect closure for ‘Moving On’. You Are My Friend includes a high sing-along potential, melodramatic, melodic and sweet punk rock.

This whole album is a pleasure to your ears and it makes you long for more. Punk rock at best!


Text: Lana

Versus You – ‘Moving On’, released on 21.07.2014
(via Bomber Music)


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