Anti-Flag release ‘Live & Acoustic In Vienna’ to benefit Amnesty International

Anti-Flag, Paris 2015 – © Gaëlle Pitrel

In October of last year, while on tour, Anti-Flag stopped by Vienna to record a six-track EP at Supersense, a music and art space, and the 100% of the proceeds will go to the non-governmental organisation Amnesty International, which aims to defend human rights everywhere in the world, for everyone. These six songs (five Anti-Flag classics and one Ramones cover) were recorded in Supersense’s one-of-a-kind “direct to vinyl” studio, and mixed/mastered by Matthias Lohmöller.

In the words of bass player Chris#2, “These songs are one take. Recorded direct to vinyl. There is only 1 copy of that piece of wax, the digital version of these songs are ripped right from that record. 1 take. 1 record. All proceeds going to mnesty International. It doesn’t get more punk rock than that. Thanks to all involved, buy the tracks, they’re really special versions of these songs and for a really important cause. Peace!”. 

That’s right, there’s only ONE single existing copy of this exceptional release! But fear not if you’re a vinyl collector : there is a way for you to win it if you follow the simple steps below.

To win this unique (one of a kind) recording on vinyl :
  •  Buy the record (on iTunes or Bandcamp) until July 31st 2016
  •  Forward the receipt/confirmation to
  •  One person will be selected at random to win the one-of-a-kind vinyl record
  • Buying the record multiple times will raise your chance to win the vinyl recording!

So happy preordering! Supporting a great cause is as Punk as it gets!


Pre-order the record on iTunes / Bandcamp

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