We love a good playlist for hot and lazy summer days, whether we're lounging by the poolside or enjoying a little calm before the storm at the office. Here's our contribution!  12271

Interview: Ben Lumber and Theo Sandberg — ACRES

Acres are one of those bands who have been around for a little while, without making a lot of noise around them. It's with delicacy that they have been conquering new listeners, one step at a time. Having now secured a faithful audience, Acres are getting ready to show the

[CLOSED] Win tickets for LA DISPUTE in Paris!

La Dispute have released one of our favorite albums of the year and we are delighted to know we'll be able to witness the magic on stage pretty soon in Europe. The trio will be bringing their powerful, experimental hardcore to a city near you, including to Paris (28.06.2019), for

[Playlist] 6YEARS

  ...And yet another year has gone by. Can you believe we made it to the big six? We don't.  A lot of things have changed throughout time, whether it is inside the team or more generally in the environment we chose to position and grow PLUGIN-MAG(dot)COM. Things are perpetually evolving and