The one time With Confidence brought better weather to Paris

With Confidence – Paris, March 2017 © Mariam B. //
Not really knowing what to expect from this show that’s been advertised as much as my non-existent 25th birthday party, things took a great turn, when – arriving at the venue – we noticed that a good number of music enthusiasts had gathered up north of the city in the middle of the week to watch a bunch of cool bands perform. The line up today sounded right to us, which is funny giving that this tour should have never happened (at least not so early) in the first place. In fact, With Confidence were initially set to support Real Friends on their December 2016 headline tour. It got unfortunately  cancelled, which in the end resulted in With Confidence announcing their own headliner, alongside Safe To Say and Milestones, both of which were also debuting european shows. After selling out most of the UK leg, With Confidence played to packed rooms at each of their stops and if Espace B in Paris wasn’t close to selling out, the energy was just about the same.
Milestones – Paris, March 2017 © Mariam B. //
Opening the evening were the Britons in Milestones. Often described as pop-punk, we quickly found out that the band is a little more than just that. Through their performance, and despite their very young age as a band, they manage to evolve past the stereotypes, positioning themselves not as your average pop-punk band, but more like a succesful emerging rock band. In fact, a little more raw and agressive than on record, Milestones’ performance sometimes echoed to early You Me At Six, in a very positive way. Presenting tracks from their recent EP ‘Hiding Games’, recently put out through Fearless Records, Milestones appeared even more engaging live, surely highly encouraged by the crowd’s very positive and warm welcoming response towards them.
Safe To Say – Paris, March 2017 © Mariam B. //
SideOneDummy Records rarely make bad choices when it comes to picking up artists and Safe To Say are yet another proof of that.
Needless to say we were pretty much already sold before we even got to watch them play, but the performance itself went beyond our expectations. Completely changing the mood set inside the venue and taking us to a darker place through gloomy and melodic tracks, the electricity that rose when the Canadians took the stage could only remind us of their long lost emo relatives in Brand New, although a little more punk. A real cohesive energy led throughout the whole set as the music never seemed to stop, keeping the “journey” going through dreamy transitions, in a way reminding us of Seaheaven’s ‘Reverie Lagoon’. It’s a powerful approach of a darker shade of punk that Safe To Say presented to us that night and it’s hard to imagine that the band doesn’t even have this many years of career under their belts since their sound and musicianship is really matured.
Safe To Say reached momentum with When I’m Not Here; a track that embodies everything you’d wish for, from every performance ever.
With Confidence – Paris, March 2017 © Mariam B. //
The excitement is palpable moments before With Confidence walk onstage as the crowd gathers again in front of a rather small stage and the heat goes up, becoming more tropical. ‘Voldemort’ is the kick off to this set and you immediately understand that the Australian quartet brought better weather (pun intended) from down under, both literally and figuratively.
The venue was filled with positive vibes and the most joyful atmosphere, as everyone started jumping, singing, smiling and dancing just within seconds into the first song. With Confidence played its recently released debut album ‘Better Weather’ in full, along with its crucial hits, from the single We’ll Be Okay, to the powerful Keys and the ballade Waterfall. Some bonuses for the early fans also made the cut along the way with oldies such as Godzilla and Tonight also making an appearance among the newest tracks.
The Australians appeared very relaxed (aren’t they all just like that after all?) and made a point in communicating a lot with their audience, which turned the show into a party, soundtracked by feel-good music,and all the jokes and clumsiness that come with it.
With Confidence haven’t reinvented the wheel when it comes to pop punk, but it’s safe to say they can only leave everyone with a lasting impression. So much that you’ll catch yourself whistling their melodies on your way back home after the show and singing those choruses for the next few days.



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