Album Review : Blitz Kids – The Good Youth

1458562_10151732465371937_659570064_nTwo years after the critically acclaimed ‘Vagrants and Vagabonds’, british rockers Blitz Kids are getting ready to the release of their new effort in a few days called ‘The Good Youth’. Needless to say that this album is much awaited by the fans and after such a great debut, we were wondering if Blitz Kids would surpass it. And the least we can say is that they did.

Since ‘Vagrants and Vagabonds’, the band has been relentlessly touring across the UK, but also mainland Europe that they are currently conquering. Throughout these past two years, they had to deal with highs and lows but most of all, they surely made their way into strengthening their identity as a band, probably earning more confidence and showing now a lot of maturity.

‘The Good Youth’ is a successfully achieved record, in which we can hear that the band took risks and dared to experience new things, mainly the obvious pop sound leaning, that fits them perfectly. After all, it seems now logical when you hear the band’s recent EP ‘Never Die’. ‘The Good Youth’ is a coherent follow up to the EP. However don’t worry : Blitz Kids still got their rock’n’roll stamp and you still won’t get enough of Joe James’ particular voice, that has also progressed a lot in terms of range ability. It sounds like the singer masters it more than ever (listen to Sold My Soul!).
Consisting in 12 rousing tracks, this album is a pure delight that invites the listener to take some good time, definitely putting them in a good mood. With some joyful melodies and catchy choruses, you’ll soon find yourselves singing along to the anthemic All I Want is Everything or dancing to Perfect.
Furthermore, those songs are perfect fit for a live performance. We already had a fantastic preview of a few of them when Blitz Kids played a show in Paris two months ago and songs such as the single Run For Cover or Title Fight will soon be audience’s favorites. Of course, you’ll also find the traditional slower tracks, including the brilliant Long Road.

Blitz Kids have accomplished an excellent work on this album proving a lot of growth and maturity. Their ability to take their music to the next level, but keeping all the ingredients that made their early success and that make their original, deep identity at the same time is rather impressive. You can’t get enough of that record that should be taken as a whole. Listen carefully to each one of those songs, there’s always something new to discover.


The album will be available in full stream as of tomorrow on

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Blitz Kids – ‘The Good Youth’
release date Jan 20th, 2013
(via Red Bull Records)

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