BoyMeetsWorld – Do What’s Best For You (EP review)

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 01.37.49This is the debut EP of the five-piece Cincinnati based BoyMeetsWorld. “Do What’s Best For You” is a 5 track release (plus an intro) that already shows some quality pop rock for such a young band. It’s clearly nothing revolutionary, yet it’s a polished, well-structured and honest work that worths a listen (or more!).

With two hits already (the singles Girl In Front and Right Where We Belong), this EP is an enjoyable pop-rock release that highlights the fact that if they keep on working this way, BoyMeetsWorld can go far in their music career. For instance, they’ve already obtained a spot at this year’s Warped Tour for their Cincinnati (OH) date which turned out to be a success!

“Do What’s Best For You” deals with topics that most of the youth can relate to, such as love, hate or attention seeking ex-girlfriends (listen to Girl In Front!) which makes it accessible and completely fitting with all the energy that is characteristic of the genre. There are some upbeat melodies, hard-hitting guitar riffs, all topped by clean and beautiful vocals. It’s real singing, without any trick nor pushing too much and it makes everything very pleasant.

If you’re into pop / punk rock and like bands such as All Time Low and Forever The Sickest Kids, you can listen to this EP as a summertime soundtrack or as a morning soundtrack (while brushing your teeth in the morning for example, yes that’s what I do). Even if you’re having a tough time, this music can definitely cheer you up with songs like Head Up High and its lively melodies, soaring guitars and strong gang vocals.

In conclusion, with some catchy choruses, fun and energetic music; BoyMeetsWorld followed here a formula that remains simple nonetheless efficient in the way they revisit it and we wish them the best of luck for the future!

Watch and enjoy this lyric video, Taylor Swift makes a guest appearance in it!



Artist : BoyMeetsWorld
Album : Do What’s Best For You (EP)
Release date : 05.04.2013


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