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Boston Manor - Antwerp (Feb 2016) © Mariam B. //
Boston Manor – Antwerp (Feb 2016) © Mariam B. //

Last September, Pure Noise Records welcomed Boston Manor to their family. The band who formed only 2 years ago have dropped ‘Saudade’ (EP) on November 20th, the follow-up to their first release, ‘Driftwood’, out in 2014.

Boston Manor isn’t the average UK  band and offers a lot of different emotions through their particular take on pop-punk music and stand between different genres. It’s the right combo of emo-punk-indie and surely each song on the new EP is a treat. ‘Saudade’ made the boys take one more step in the scene and gain some new fans. Good news is, the Blackpool boys are currently on tour* over Europe alongside Crooks, and will come back a few weeks later, with Knuckle Puck and Seaway on a different tour. So make sure you grab a ticket!

We got to catch Boston Manor live on their first show of tour with Crooks last week, in suburban Antwerp (Belgium) and while there were not hundreds and hundreds of us, the atmosphere was rather enjoyable. The few people in presence came to see either of the bands on the bill that night and they did mean it. Fans of Boston Manor did a great job singing along to all the lyrics with (a lot) of commitment, while the rest of the people quickly got conquered. With songs from both records, such as Peach State, Trapped Nerve and Gone, the british seemed to have caught the audience’s attention quite easily, despite not playing in the most optimal setting one could have. These guys are young, full of potential but most of all, they know their craft really well. They’re good at what they do. They love what they do, and that’s probably why watching them play puts huge smiles on everyone’s faces. At this point, we were having a brilliant Saturday night and probably the same goes for everyone else at JH Vizit on that night. Cheers Boston Manor, we’ll see you very soon!

Words : Roxy S. / Mariam B. 
Full photo album : HERE


*Edit : Current tour with Crooks was interrupted this week, due to illness.

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