“I can be someone” — A night with Courage My Love

Courage, My Love – Paris, May 2017 © Alisson Nilsson // www.plugin-mag.com

End of May and the list of gigs lined up is long but it’s always cool to be back at Gibus! Tonight’s line up gathers once again Canadian headliners Courage My Love along with their good pals in Halflives. Three more bands from the local scene were on too: Summer Lake Heroes, Mind The Thorns and n a r c i s s e. Good show ahead, indeed!

The excitement was real not only because Courage My Love has recently released a new album “Synesthesia” that we love but also because we’ve been playing Halflives’ new EP on repeat ever since it came out. We simply couldn’t wait to hear the bands’ newest tracks live! Unfortunately, due to professional reasons we weren’t able to catch the first two sets and we do apologize. However, when we got there the French pop/punk band Summer Lake Heroes were on and they were doing a great job, getting people warmed up and excited for the rest of the show. The whole crowd seemed really receptive and we felt the energy growing throughout their set. Everybody got there early enough to catch the entire line up and show their support so that was really cool and a sign for a great show.

Halflives – Paris, May 2017 © Alisson Nilsson // www.plugin-mag.com

Next was the pop/rockers of Halflives who already supported Courage My Love a year ago and it’s clear that the Italian band has incredibly extended its European fanbase since then, as the whole crowd knew their songs well enough to sing along. The band started with Lone Wolf and played its first singles Mayday and Burn also off their EP “Empty Rooms”. Our favourite tracks such as The Sickness were confirmed when played live as the band was making people go crazy and jump but also knew when to cool it down a little with more emo tracks like Collide, Echo or their cover of The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance which was a true success. Halflives had a real connection with its audience and we could feel their happiness of playing our city again, this time presenting its newest release. We’re sure the band has a bright future ahead and we’re looking forward to having them back as headliners.

Courage, My Love – Paris, May 2017 © Alisson Nilsson // www.plugin-mag.com

To end the show Courage My Love was ready to kill it onstage. Just like Halfives previously, the Canadians were thrilled to be back in Paris and immediately kicked off with an intense energy and their new track Walls. The band played some old ones such as Kerosene (with a guest appearance from Halflives’ vocalist) or Skin & Bone along with new tracks like Love Hurts that had the entire room go nuts. The combo of the singer’s powerful voice along with the great quality of the two other musicians is truly important to underline as it gave another dimension to the songs live. We have seen moments of strong connection with the crowd especially on Need Someone (with a particular attention from fans that moved the singer to tears) and Two Headed Monster when the vocalist embraced the moment and went singing to the crowd before jumping around with fans on Never Gonna Change. We couldn’t help but fall for the strength of the singer’s voice and emotions shown throughout the set. Courage My Love ended their set on Dark Wood, Dark Water a song they dedicated to their fans to thank them for their endless support and letting them live their dream, which summarizes well their set and the ethic of this band. We believe the reason people enjoy their music so much is because of their inspirational mottos and how people can relate so much. We also realized that what characterizes the band is not only how they connect to their fans but also the undeniable osmosis between the trio and their passion onstage.

In a nutshell, the venue isn’t big but the connection between the bands and the crowd really was intense and palpable throughout the night and we left with a smile and happy face. Surely, that’s how every Monday should always be like!

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