Playlist #44 : Heat Wave

The sun is brightly shining and it's too hot to step outside...Then a thunderstorm suddenly hits. So maybe what you actually just want is to chill inside with a cold beer and cool playlist? Don't sweat it, we've got you covered! Here is our monthly playlist, by yours truly. 11336

Great Stuff You Missed : June 2017 Round up

It’s not easy to keep track with music news especially when you make yourself a busy bunny, so we check it all out regularly and make a selective list of the new stuff that you could most likely be into. That’s the great stuff you missed! 11294

“I can be someone” — A night with Courage My Love

End of May and the list of gigs lined up is long but it’s always cool to be back at Gibus! Tonight’s line up gathers once again Canadian headliners Courage My Love along with their good pals in Halflives. Three more bands from the local scene were on too: Summer Lake