2019 in new records — First quarter

Having a hard time keeping track of all the releases coming out recently? Don't worry, we know the feeling. So, we gathered in this little thing a few albums we enjoyed listening to, in this first quarter of 2019. You will find below our 7 favorite  albums of the year so far, plus the complete

5 singer-songwriters you need to know #4

A touching voice, a story to tell, that’s what most of the singers have in common. However, what makes them stand out individually, as songwriters and take it one step further is the way they embody their stories. It is obvious that creatives draw inspiration from their own daily experiences, nothing

GROEZROCK 2019 — Full update

It's REAL, Groezrock festival is back this year, after taking a year off to refurbish and keep the party going longer and stronger. After a little indoor gathering, which turned out to be a really cool punk party last fall, let's see what Groezrock is cooking for us, for its

An enchanting return : Hozier in Paris (Nov. 2018)

We have been waiting for him to return. Three years after his successful self-titled debut album, Hozier has blessed us with a short, yet intense EP, "Nina Cried Power". The release has come like a little something just to help us wait for what’s building up for the near future.