[Playlist] – ‘Tis the SZN

What about some holiday music? What about holiday music performed by your favorite alternative artists? Time to get cozy, here’s exactly what you need for your warm December evenings at home! Curated by yours truly. 12438


Maybe you’re getting ready to go back to school, Uni or work and  we get it it’s not the most fun; HOWEVER, it’s still the summer and this chill season vibe hasn’t left us just yet. Keep enjoying your days just as you did on holiday and here’s a nez


We love a good playlist for hot and lazy summer days, whether we're lounging by the poolside or enjoying a little calm before the storm at the office. Here's our contribution!  12271

[Playlist] 6YEARS

  ...And yet another year has gone by. Can you believe we made it to the big six? We don't.  A lot of things have changed throughout time, whether it is inside the team or more generally in the environment we chose to position and grow PLUGIN-MAG(dot)COM. Things are perpetually evolving and

Playlist #51 – Free Your Mind

Summer's coming to an end, most activities are back on a regular track but we're off on holidays here at Plug-In. Here is a slightly longer than usual playlist to get this new academic year kicking !    12038