Cedron + Anna Sage + Houston – Paris (March 2014)

20140316-IMG_1143-1Opening the evening on that day were the locals in Houston. The band played a very pleasant post-hardcore, with a great stage presence, despite the limited space that was offered. Smaller bands usually contrast a lot with more experienced ones on such venues only in the way they handle the stage conditions and in all honesty, Houston acted like real pros, which wasn’t unpleasant at all! A well balanced combination between the two vocalists, all topping a strong instrumental line showed that those guys are skilled for sure and can do awesome things in the future. Overall, Houston formed a great discovery and excellent kick off for a good night.


20140316-IMG_1332Next up were the slightly different Anna Sage. Also from France, the band looked quite like an ovni with a crazy chaotic performance and musicians who looked nealy possessed by they art. The limited lightening enforced that general strange  and intriguing atmosphere, but only for the better. The band also got the public more involved with a rather intense performance, that the lead vocalist ended rolling on the floor. Another excellent discovery. Anna Sage are dropping a new record soon, make sure you check out!





The headliners tonight are the Swedes of Cedron. If their country has a great reputation for alternative music and metal, Cedron form another excellent proof for this saying. Their music is an intelligent blend of metal and (real) hardcore in a way that makes it recognizable among the thousands of other post-hardcore bands out there at the moment. Their influences are diverse and their lyrics are engaged. With a new album out, Cedron were conquering once again the european crowds with a stop in Paris, France for the first time ever. Maybe the crowd was small, but people seemed glad to be here, as well as the band. They got everyone moving, and judging by their faces, Cedron were having quite a lot of fun there, but they also showed everyone that the stage is where they belong. We cannot wait for their next tour already, Cedron can’t be overlooked!

And that’s how our very awesome pals of One Heartbeat Productions made it another A+ music evening, which formed a perfect kick off to this season and its wave of exellent events!



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