Celebrating a Decade Of Finding A Home in The Maine

And for the first time, I feel less alone / 
And for the first time, I can call this home

Roosevelt and 2nd Street. That’s the address I am heading to. It’s a lovely Tuesday. In a couple of days, the United States celebrate Thanksgiving. Even though I am not American, being surrounded by familiar faces would be a sweet thought. Instead, I am miles away from home, in a city I don’t know on the other side of the world. It takes me roughly one hour to walk from my motel to Downtown Phoenix. I really don’t mind because I get to see new landscapes, have a breath of fresh air and take advantage of the blue sky. As I get closer to my destination, I notice walls covered in fresco. These frescoes were there as though they were showing me the way to my destination, which actually is in the Arts District. I had one thing in mind while I was heading toward what I was looking for : what if I didn’t recognize it and totally miss it ? Yet, I look up and there it is : the wall. Or I should say, the M wall, M as the initial of a local band called The Maine. The band painted their logo on that wall before the release of their second album ‘Black & White’ in 2010 and that’s where fans used to come as a retreat. The logo was covered a couple of years later but going there was still on my bucket list. It’s 2016 and I can finally cross it.

I started listening to them when it was my last year in high school. I can still picture myself taking an important math test with their cover of Pour Some Sugar On Me playing over and over again in my head. I believe The Maine arrived at the right time in my life. I was going through that supposedly tough transition between high school and college, when you suddenly get responsible for your own life. At that time, they were also going through some transition between their debut album ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’, which fitted perfectly in the late 2000’s pop punk era, and their second album ‘Black & White’, which was the beginning of their shift in sound that would later become more alternative. In a way, I could relate. “Growing up won’t bring us down”, remember? Well, growing up did bring me down but I know I would not have made it without The Maine’s music. I would not have made it without the amazing people they brought into my life, nor without the amazing moments I got to live and the memories I made along the way. The Maine hold some of my most treasured memories in my life.

On top of that, The Maine means everything to me because, I do not address this lightly, their music has kept me sane for the past five years. As they were releasing albums, I was getting worse and I was holding onto their lyrics more and more. On every album, you would have that one song that would make me burst into tears but that would represent hope at the same time.

Back in the day, you could read « The Maine is love and love is real » on pretty much every Tumblr blog dedicated to The Maine. Actually, I would say The Maine is home.  They are not just five young men in a band. They have a deeper bond between them which make them stronger. You can feel that bond in their music and their endeavors. Listening and supporting The Maine is being a part of that bond because you can see that everything they do, they do it for the fans, without a doubt.

Roosevelt and 2nd Street. For some, that wall is only a wall of bricks. For some, it’s some artwork among other artworks. For others, it’s the wall with a giant M painted on it (well, no longer). For me, that’s just not a location or a wall. It is just not about the physical aspect. For me, as weirdly as it may sound, standing in front of that wall, in that spatiotemporal abstraction, comforted me. The M wall is the artwork on the cover of Black & White. That was the first album of them I purchased back in 2010. So, I guess it’s full circle, right on time for me to wish them a happy tenth anniversary.

Now is the right time to listen to We All Roll Along (it’s always the right time to listen to this song and to their entire discography) and to wish they keep doing music as long as they possibly can and never lose the flame and the bond they have had for the past ten years.

With friends like ours / Anywhere is home


Words : Karen V. 


  • The Maine will be releasing their new album ‘Lovely, Little, Lonely’ on April 7th 2017.
  • Listen to the new single : Bad Behavior.
  • This is a News About a Band Called The Maine:  on ‘Miserable Youth – Life Through The Lens With The Maine’  documentary series.

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