[CLOSED] Birthday bash — Win print photos of your favorite artists!

This weekend marks our 4th anniversary as a publication. We would like to take this opportunity to once again say thank you to everyone involved, from our talented contributors to our readers and of course, our partners who always trusted us over time. 

and here’s to many others!

In this occasion, we’re launching a little contest, this time focused on photography. Here’s the deal : You will find below a selection of some of our favorite shows our photographers did for us and you can win one of them (of your choice and without the watermark) in 20×30 format.



Rules are the following :
1. Share this post on your social media, tagging us (so that we can find you!)
2. Caption it w/ a quick comment on the photo you’d like to win
3. Wish yourself luck and keep your fingers crossed! 😉
Note: make sure you’re posting in public, whatever media you use, we unfortunately can’t see it otherwise.
If you have any question, you can reach out to us @PluginEU on Twitter and Facebook or @Plugin_EU on Instagram, we’re happy to chat!


Credits go to : 
Alison Nilsson | Emma Forni | Gaëlle Pitrel | Kaylee Smoke

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