Crossfaith and The One Hundred set Paris on fire

A few days ago, five metal dudes from Osaka, Japan flew over to Europe in order to conquer our cities, one by one, once again. And with that sentence only it’s pretty sure that you’ve guessed who I’m taking about, right?
Yes, Crossfaith invaded the mainland, concluding brilliantly at Le Trabendo in Paris and set the place off with the fans that showed up. It’s true that the band is always very well welcomed here and the good thing was that with a new album (‘Xeno’, out in September 2015 under UNFD) and their sound and energy, Crossfaith managed to remind us how good it always is to see them perform live. Here’s how things went down:

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Crossfaith – Paris, March 2016 © Mariam B. //

If you’ve seen Crossfaith before you probably noticed how much each band member has its own character, and how much stage presence they all have. Crossfaith is another dimension, a universe on its own. That surely hit you straight away and on top of that, the fans that decided to join the “Xeno Party” immediately showed a warm welcome to the band, losing it from the first chords and jumping off their feet. The band kindly acknowledged that, claiming that the 30hr journey was worth it this second thanks to all the energy and love from the fans.
Actually, the crowd was so responsive that from one side of the pit to the other it was a big mess. They followed the singer’s leads at perfection, raising their voices and getting ready to mosh hard instantly, always being on the move. The guys also played with the crowd a lot and made them scream their name repeatedly. Electronic mixed with metal always means a big party anyway!

Crossfaith started the set with System X as intro followed by songs off their latest release like ‘Xeno’ or Raise Your Voice and when they played Wildfire (originally featuring Benji Webbe of Skindred) the venue was smoking hot… It suited the atmosphere pretty well indeed: “People raised the temperature, left all the fear and danced on the beat!” A catchy song, making you want to shake it before slowing it down a tiny bit and mosh even harder later.
The intensity and energy was already at its best yet the set somehow reached a higher point of true unity between the band and the fans with the songs Scarlett and Photosphere as the band pulled out a French flag onstage. The singer reminded us that although we have a different blood, culture, skin color and so on, music has no border. Indeed it’s probably what got us all here, in that venue: because we belong to a scene, a genre. Because we all love Music as a whole. On top of the songs we previously mentioned, we also heard songs like Ghost In The Mirror (originally performed with Beartooth’s singer – Caleb Shomo), Eclipse, Devil’s Party and also Countdown to Hell off the band’s first full-length album before a three-song encore including an intense drum solo from Tatsuya Amano. Their famous cover of The Prodigy’s Omen obviously made an appearance, before ending the night with Monolith, off their 2013’s ‘Zion’ EP. Very good times indeed.

The One Hundred - Paris, March 2016 © Mariam B. //
The One Hundred – Paris, March 2016 © Mariam B. //

However (and although a good headline show is nice) we, at Plug-In also had one other reason to be excited about that night: The One Hundred. And if you haven’t heard of them, it’s time to change that! Indeed, the Londoners are on tour with Crossfaith on their European/UK tour 2016 and did a killer show at Le Trabendo. The two band’s universe collided pretty well, that is a fact.
So, if you’ve never heard of The One Hundred (although you should have, as we’ve already mentioned them a few times here) ir’s a band of 4 Londoners with another dynamic, a different sound. It’s very catchy and very…different. It’s a mix of metal, hiphop, rock and dance… All at once. It might look like a weird mix on paper but trust us, it sounds so good! Formed in late 2012, then band released their EP “Subculture” in 2014 and have been writing its follow-up for the last year. Luckily we had the chance of discovering 3 new tracks and this set was all we needed to be convinced the band has a bright future ahead.

Although the venue wasn’t quite full and it was the first time The One Hundred played in Paris, the band managed to set the energy level high and get the crowd hyped before Crossfaith, pretty much instantly. People were on the move bouncing, banging their heads along each song and doing circle pits. To be honest it’s hard to stand still when such energetic, dancy songs are played!
The crowd was so warmed up and excited, the band rewarded us with new songs: Monster, Retreat and Disengage. All of them keeping the essence of the band and being in the same feeling as the ones off the EP. The One Hundred kept saying the crowd was killing it and it clearly didn’t expect such an awesome reaction for their first time playing our hometown. It surely didn’t feel like they were opening the night as during their track Unleashed (dedicated to the headliners) it was a complete chaos and meltdown in the crowd. The band seemed overwhelmed and happy at the end of the set and the lead singer even started running around the venue, jumping around with people in the pit for their last song. It felt really good to see people react that much to a band they didn’t really know, and probably had never seen.

Based on that performance and warm welcome it’s very likely that The One Hundred could be back soon, at least with some new songs. So if you’ve missed them that night, don’t do the same mistake next time. In the meantime, watch out, some new tracks could be dropped here and there in the near future!

So to sum that night up…We basically all hate Mondays, but Crossfaith & The One Hundred made us happy to be out and kick off the week that way!

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