Crowd Report #2 – Miner Fest (BE)

DSC05423Remember when we said we wanted to give everyone of you guys the floor here? Well, it seems like you’re finally coming out of your shell and after opening this new feature at Slam Dunk Festival, BtK now shares with us his journey into Miner Fest earlier this summer. Enjoy! 




So I finally am at Miner Fest, that new and -Oh !- so promising hardcore / metalcore festival, if I judge by the quality of that line-up I’ve been eyeing on for months now, and it’s all thanks to Plug-In !

 I traveled by train, since I don’t own a car and the festival said that the site is right next to the station. Yeah, right, first deception. The festival site is right next to it, but the camping site is more than thirty minutes away by foot, and no shuttle is planned. So I walked. This didn’t ruin my experience of the festival, obviously, but that’s definitely a point to correct for next year.

 I quickly found my friends, set my tent, and we moved on to check one of the main reason we all are here: Suasion. Just as usual, they delivered their set with a brutal raw energy, yet with so much skills and precision, that even though they were opening on the main stage all the audience gathered in front of them with no further question: they excel at what they do. And since this was the first big festival appearance of the band I personally know so well, it was also a great discovery for a lot of people.
The rest of the day was more oriented upon hardcore bands, which isn’t the style that has my preference, so I kinda just hung out with my friends, checking a lot of band, having a great time, even though no one really stood out in my eyes, except maybe for Modern Day Babylon whose atmospheric ambient vibe is something I liked a lot live.
There were actually quite a few bands I really wanted to check out that day, but who canceled. I don’t want to point at the festival’s organization there, since they couldn’t obviously do anything to save the day even if they tried their best, but I still think there must have been something that went wrong somewhere. Bands should not cancel any show just like that, especially festivals, and even beyond that basic ethical aspect of the problem, they simply shouldn’t be able to do so without a really good reason. That’s none of my business, but that problem started to impair the moral of more than just me. Hopefully, that was only for the first day, and the other days were about to totally make us forget about that !

  The second day was, for me, made of bands that I like but to which I won’t lose my mind to. I was keeping that for the last day. It began with another reason why we were all there: Reach The Shore. Just like Suasion the day before, they nailed the main stage opening just like pros and rallied all the early audience to their cause of making the world kneel to the groundbreaking sound of their heavy riffs and patterns brilliantly executed.
I also was delighted to see Being As An Ocean again, to finally check out Hundredth, Stick To Your Guns and Helia, who performed a part of their new album, and to discover good bands I never heard of before like 18 Miles and Me In A Million, that everyone appreciated to the maximum.

 The last day was mine, while everybody else was already exhausted. It begun in a very pleasant manner with Gino’s Eyeball, that band that is on every festival bill but that I never really checked. Had a good time. The others bands I appreciated were I Divide, Obey The Brave, Attention Thieves, and the mind-blowing Bear. Also a special mention to Polar, who ended the day the best possible way, and offered me a real coup de coeur with the song Black Days sung in duet with Charlie from Heart In Hand.
Talking about Heart In Hand, they were a real blast. It was the first time I was able to catch them in almost a year, and it was simply a brutal reminder of what a show / of what life should look like
I was also really looking forward to check Zoax out, and it was totally worth the shot. The frontman knows how to deal with an audience that is not responsive at first sight, and before you could tell they failed at their task everybody was dancing to their groovy-pop-punky-brlah-whoop music that is really refreshing and enjoyable.
Another band that shouldn’t be introduced anymore is Now, Voyager. I’ll always find the audience disappointing, since no one really knows how to dance to their over-complicated mathcore, but I swear that if they could, they would. For my part, I simply lost my shit. It always do the trick.

But my real highlight of the festival were the crazy scousers of Carcer City. I’ve discovered them at the 6K Fest Unreal Night, and was really frustrated to not be able to see them at the Loll, Brussels a few weeks ago, so not only did I lose my mind during their set, but I also did lose a teeth when they told us they were filming for a video clip. To me, they are one of the best middle-size bands out there at the moment, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to go really big. They manage to incorporate musicality to their brutal metalcore compositions with zero compromise and without giving away any power, so it results in a raw magnificence full of energy that you can’t hear live without throwing everything you can put your hands on in the air.

To sum up, the Miner Fest had a few flaws, but every festival has some. I will gladly attend the next edition because it was one the best festival I’ve ever been to !


Words : BtK

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