EP Review: Bad Sign – Destroy

bad signBad Sign are not a band to be taken lightly. They are, in fact, on the heavier end of the rock spectrum, and they’re ready to blast your speakers with EP ‘Destroy’, the follow up to 2013 release ‘De L’Amour’. The Croydon trio are heading out on tour in support of their new release soon after the new year rings in, so you’d better get learning the words because this is a band you don’t want to miss.

Confession rips the EP wide open with guttural guitars, hard-edge lyrics, and an anthemic sound. And The Recidivist follows hot on Confession’s heels, with a repetitive chorus spat out with such force you’ll wonder if you’ve personally offended vocalist Joe Appleford. The almost-whispered bridge brings some introspection and adds a more personal side to the EP, which you’ll see much more heavily in next track, Father. An angry and downright blunt open letter, the beat is even heavier and relentless, pounding the song’s message home. Also, kudos to the most metal use of the Shakespearian quote “Heaven is empty/And all of the devils are here” we’ve ever seen.

Faith completely turns the EP on its head, bringing in synths that make the song much gloomier than ever before. You can truly see all the elements of Appleford’s wide vocal range throughout ‘Destroy’, and this just tops it off. The solo is lazy, almost Santana-esque, but as chilling as the rest of the track. Title track Destroy rounds out the EP, back on hard-hitting form, with an atmospheric sound that is destined to be played to huge crowds. Clocking in at just over the nine minute mark, this song ties together all the different styles from each track and puts them into one long marathon that will leave you breathless, worn out, but mostly satisfied that you’ve gotten every inch of effort, talent, and drive out of every single track.



Bad Sign – ‘Destroy’ (EP)

Released: 24/11/14 (Self-release)

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