EP Review: Edward In Venice – A Heart That Doesn’t Bleed

As you can tell from their band name, Edward In Venice is based in Italy, Pesaro.

With Filippo Greganti on vocals, Luca Bartoli on bass and backing vocals, Lee Jiang on guitar and backing vocals, Pasquini Andrea on drums and Prappo also on guitar and backing vocals they released their EP ‘A Heart That Doesn’t Bleed’ on the second of december last year in Europe. ggEven though the release was a while ago, we still think this hardcore band definitely deserves a review.

The opener of the EP is 17th October. With some screaming melodic hardcore and sweet singing parts in between, a guitar solo and heavy drops, the song is put well together.

Off to the second song Bring Home The Bacon. And yes, it pops up a certain kind of curiousity to your mind when you read that title, doesn’t it? And I can assure you that the song is as exciting as it sounds. You can’t keep still listening to it. Smooth backing vocals, drum parts that make you wish you had a drum kit to play along,… This song has it all.

Lookin Inward blows you away in an instant. It’s not a song you would expect from a hardcore band. It’s a very emotional song that goes to the heart. The guitar riffs are innovative and the screams are perfectly timed. This is a song that makes you wanna dance around and tear the house down.

The last song on the EP, The Son Of No One, reals you in immediately. With a hard opening and uptempo beat you can’t help but headbang. You already wish that you could sing this song along, especially when the break comes in.

Even though ‘A Heart That Doesn’t Bleed’ inludes a typical hardcore sound, it is definitely a recommender.  This is a band we all should keep an eye on in the future!

Text: Lana

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